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6 Tips to remember on a Tanzanian Safari

If you have never been to Africa, now is the time to start planning your trip to one of the most wondrous continents of the world. Each country with something unique to offer will leave you torn between so many choices. Our personal favorite African destination would be Tanzania, in East Africa. Tanzania will welcome you with a diverse set of people, so warm and welcoming. The country is very deeply rooted with its culture and traditions. Known for its Maasai people, Mount Kilimanjaro, the great Serengeti and many other things, it is no surprise that tourists from all over flood into the country to experience these spectacular wonders.

One thing you must do when you visit Tanzania is to go for a Safari. You will get the opportunity to see wildlife up-close, thousands of birds, a variety of vegetation and amazing landscapes. Here are a few tips you may want to consider before you leave for your Tanzanian safari:


Like any other travel destination, doing some research is important before you get there or make your booking. Read on all the Tanzanian National Parks in the country and see which one you prefer to see, depending on the time you have available and your budget. You could also plan a beach holiday to Zanzibar after your safari. Read on the different wildlife, the best attractions as well as the type of food offered. This way you will get to know what to expect.

Pack light:

It is important that you pack light. Months between November and March can get very hot, so you want to pack shorts, light t-shirts and dresses. Maybe add a good pair of sport shoes in case you do some walking, and some flip-flops.  If you are travelling in the rainy season or in July when it does get a little chilly, maybe one jumper/pullover will do. Tights are a great option for ladies, if you want to be super comfortable. Also pack a hat, sun cream and sunglasses for maximum protection from the sun.

Mosquito spray:

You may want to buy a mosquito repellent and get some anti-malaria tablets. Remember, this is a tropical region, so you will find mosquitoes everywhere. The Northern circuit may not be malaria-prone areas, but the bites do itch! Better to be safe.

Food and snacks:

While on your safari, eat light. Otherwise you will end up sleepy and lethargic under the sun! Pack a few candies and goodies, because smaller towns do not have a very large variety of snacks available for purchase. Also make sure you drink as much water as you can while on your safari.


If you want some quality photos of the African wildlife, take a quality camera with you. The lens should also be the right one, since you sometimes may not be lucky enough to get very close to the animals. Therefore, a camera with high specifications will come in handy.

Every game drive is different:

You could end up seeing the big 5 today and see NONE of the above the next morning. Game drives are quite unpredictable because the animals could be hiding and they have different sleeping patterns too.

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