Are you looking for a document to print out at home? Here are some of our most popular documents for you to download. Just click the icon and save it to your computer and print it off!

SPT PDF IconNEW PASSPORT APPLICATION. This application is for anyone that has never been issued a passport. Most Post Offices can handle the processing or you can go to a regional passport acceptance facility. Typical costs are $100 for an adult passport (10 year validity) and $85 for a child under 16 (5 year validity). Typical processing time is six weeks. Expedited services are available. (DS-11)
SPT PDF IconPASSPORT RENEWAL This application is for any adult or child who currently holds a passport. This renewal process can usually be done by mail if the current passport was issued in the last 15 years, issued when the holder was older than 16,  can be returned, and is issued in your current name. Children with passports issued when they were younger than 16, will still need to renew at a passport acceptance facility or post office. (DS-82)
SPT PDF IconSTATEMENT OF CONSENT OR SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES. Typically, both parents must be present in order to issue a passport to a child under age 16. Often this is not possible. If both parents are not able to be present, this form will be required when applying for the minor’s passport. This is either an authorization from the absent parent for issuance, or a statement by the applying parent as to why the consent is unable to be obtained. If you are using this form, be prepared to bring any legal documents to support the application   (DS-3053)
SPT PDF IconMINOR CONSENT LETTER. Many countries (notably Mexico) will require both parents to travel with a child. For single parents this is not usually possible. When your child is traveling with grandparents, or with another family, they may be at risk of being denied entrance to a foreign country.  This form has been reviewed by our attorneys and has been accepted worldwide without incident. The form gives permission from the non-traveling parent for the travel, authorizes a very limited medical power of attorney, outlines the itinerary, and includes emergency contact information. It is recommended that this form be notarized and the ORIGINAL be carried with your travel documents. To be safe, we also recommend several photocopies of the form be packed in your suitcase.
SPT PDF IconSINGLE PARENT PACKING LIST Packing is a drag. You always run the risk of forgetting something, so why leave it to chance? This list will help you out and keep you on track.  Why not delegate this check list to your young traveler–after all it is a family trip!
SPT PDF IconCREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION If you need to make a deposit or a payment, you can download this form and either email it to or send it by fax to 443-782-2370.
SPT PDF IconSINGLE PARENT SURVEY. In 2008, we conducted a comprehensive survey of over 1,000 single parents who visited our website or are subscribed to our monthly newsletter. If you ever wondered who the “average” single parent traveler was, this report will be a unique insight. From their region to their income, education, number and ages of kids, it is all here.
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