About Brenda

Greg, Monique and Brenda at Macchu Pichu, Peru

Greg, Monique and Brenda at Macchu Pichu, Peru

Brenda Elwell is the founder of Single Parent Travel. It was her vision that is bringing the travel world around to the realities of being a single parent and traveling with children.

She conceived of the idea in 1983 while traveling in Europe with her (then) two young children. After several years of surveying the needs and desires of single parent families, she completed her CTC (Certified Travel Consultant) research paper on the topic “Marketing to the Single Parent”.

In 2006, Brenda made a decision to gradually retire. Her two children were grown and on their own and she moved to beautiful Denver, Colorado. She is a neighbor to her daughter, Monique, and her son Greg.

Retirement and Brenda are not getting along too well and she is VERY active in the business. When you see a truly unique trip, more likely than not it has Brenda’s fingerprints all over it.

There is no one with more expertise in single parent travel than Brenda. She combined 30 year’s experience in the travel industry with 18 years as a traveling single parent to bring Single Parent Travel to life!

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