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My Medifast Update #1–Down 15

maleweightlossI’ll keep this short and sweet. After a month, of eating flavored cardboard described as “nutritional food” I am seeing a lot of progress. Actually the food is not all that bad. There is some that is horrible (to me) and much of it is very tolerable to the point where I do not think of it as a chore to eat. The cardboard meals are supplements with their “digestive health pills” Vitamin B-12 and some “Super Omega 3″ fish oil pills–I hate fish…good thing they are in a pill.

I bought a bike and try to ride it 5 days a week and I do not have a regimen or any specific goals other than to ride what I perceive as further, harder, or longer than the day before. If the little app on my phone is correct, I am succeeding in that.  It is amazing when you have not really ridden a bike in many years how shaky you can be. Of course you never forget how to ride one, but if I try to do a turn signal or wave a car past me, I find that I have a tough time maintaining control.  So–to hell with the cars, they can just figure it out on their own.

I have been eating my Medifast meals during the day and psychologically rewarding myself at night with the dinner of real food. I have conscientiously cut back on portions and now I try to look at the calories for my real meal–probably a smart move on my part.  Some may call it cheating, but I have gone out about weekly with friends and had some drinks and maybe a plate of wings during a football game. I can tell my stomach is smaller as I fill up faster. And after these celebratory meals (and yes, I consider them celebratory), I do try to work extra hard on the bike the following day.

So, where do I stand?  In one month I am down just over 15 pounds and my BMI has dropped 5%.  All of my numbers are going down which is good. In all, I think (can’t remember) I have lost a total of 12”.  But that is a BS number in that they measure your calves, thighs, waist, chest, biceps, and add them all up. But a loss is a loss–much like the Pittsburgh Steelers!

I still have a ways to go and if I can maintain the 15 pounds per month, I will have lost 60 pounds by New Years! Of course, at that point, I will need to put the pressure on SPT because I will need to buy new clothes! HA!

And no. I am not going to reveal the starting weight until I am done. I am seeing progress–onward!

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  1. Linda says:

    Wow! That’s great! I need to do something too but I’m not sure I’m ready for cardboard…Maybe after RHR (I don’t want to think about how many calories I ingest there — from pumpkin pie shots alone!)

  2. John says:

    LOL….while it is pretty bland (and some of them are just downright horrible), there are some I found really tolerable–the soups, the bars (granola-ish), pudding, and some shakes. The tough part was the first week going from X calories down to 1000 a day. 500 in five of those “meals” (each about 100) and then another 500 on a “lean and green” meal. But I am finding that I save the real meal for dinner (when kids are home) and it serves as a reward to me. And I find that falling off the wagon is not the end of the world. They suggest light beers, wine, steer clear of hard alcohol. But after a week of the 1000 calorie days, I found my appetite was diminished. Football game, I’d usually do a plate of 18 wings. Ordered a plate of 12 (trying to be good) and was actually feeling full at about 9. Baby steps!

  3. Name (required) says:

    The weight watcher bread has helped me!

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