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How To Pick A Broadway Show For Your Kids In NYC

NYC is the home of the Great White Way, or Broadway as most people call it.  There are shows for everyone, from plays to musicals and even performances with tools like paint and gigantic bubbles.  With everything to choose from, how do you select the perfect Broadway show that both you and your kids will enjoy?  Here are 3 easy tips to think about.

1.  Is the show going to spoil the story they currently love?

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella just opened up on Broadway and people are flocking to it.  Everyone loves the story of Cinderella; however if your kids were raised on the Disney movie version, you could have a cranky child and ruin the show for both of you.  When you hear a Disney name or think of it on Broadway you instantly think it is perfect for your kids.  Unfortunately you need to do a bit more research.

Is your kid in love with Disney’s Cinderella and does your kid love the music?  If the answer is yes, they may be disappointed when the story line changes, the characters she knows aren’t there and her favorite songs don’t exist.  Instead you may want to try a different Disney show or kid friendly show for her,


like The Gazillion Bubbles Show.  If she is old enough to understand there are multiple versions of the story and can enjoy a new one, then Cinderella could be a great show for her.

Figuring out if your kids are old enough to appreciate a new version that doesn’t have their favorite songs and characters is the first step in deciding on a show.

2.  Does the show contain adult material, even though you would think it is kid friendly?

In some shows, the characters may use foul language or there could be scenes where they make inappropriate gestures.  One show in particular has a scene where an adult is given a magic potion that makes her want to enjoy her husband’s company and she makes some very obscene gestures on stage.  Although the show sounds family friendly because it is based off of a very popular TV show and movie series, it probably isn’t good for little kids.  Visit sites like Broadway Shows for Kids ahead of time to find out what actually happens in the show, and this can help to determine if your kids are old enough for the show or if the content is appropriate.

3.  What is on sale?

Broadway tickets are extremely expensive.  There are ways to find discounts so your entire family can enjoy the show and not have to pay retail prices.  The first is to go to the TKTs counter and see what’s available.  You may not see the show you want listed, but there will be a ton of others.  Your next option for finding Broadway tickets on sale is to find online vendors that sell them for NYC and local shows in your own city.  Click on the link for Broadway tickets and you’ll find a list.  The third way to do it and know that you’ll get tickets for your show is to find other people who will be in NYC at the same time and order a group of tickets together.  The more people you have, the lower the price goes because you are buying at a group rate.  All you need to do is contact the theatre ahead of time by looking at the show’s website.

Taking your kids to a Broadway show is an amazing and educational experience.  Not only can you get them to fall in love with the arts, but while they are dreaming that night in their favorite kids pajamas  they’ll be imagining what it would be like to be a Broadway Star.

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