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Today, I Am Truly Fearful

I tend to be one that knows where he is going. I have a map laid out and head out on a journey relatively sure of the outcome. Today…not so much.

Last night, President Barack Obama announced that a team of US Navy Seals had assassinated Osama Bin Laden. While most everyone is rejoicing in the news, I remain fearful. Perhaps even moreso than before.

Sure, I am glad we have rid the world of a terrorist who holds no value for human life. Paybacks are a bitch. On the other hand, I fear effect the assassination will have on the future of terrorism.  Osama Bin Laden is indeed a figurehead. Are we as a country naive enough to believe that terrorism will abate now that he is gone? There is question if he was even really the figurehead of al-qaeda anymore. If our president was shot and killed, would that stop all of our soldiers across the globe who are fighting for our causes to stop their efforts?

Bin Laden was reportedly in poor health for a number of years. In some sense, perhaps it would have been better to capture him and allow him to die of natural causes. As it is now, for those opposed to the U.S. stance, this assassination have likely enraged the million of people worldwide that harbor a true hate for Americans, our nation, and anyone compassionate to our beliefs.

Will al-qaeda now be as re-invigorated as we were when they attacked us on 9/11? Beliefs aside, on one hand we condemn them for celebrating the loss of American life at the behest of their beliefs; yet on the other hand, our nation is celebrating the loss of life at the behest of ours.

Global terrorism, unfortunately, is now something that we must live with for the foreseeable future. What type of community (and by that I mean a worldwide community) are we leaving for our children? I worry about them. I worry about what they face.

Terrorists are much more patient than I am. They have been known to wait years, and decades to hatch their plans. I have often said that post 9/11 we have been lulled into a false sense of security and another attack is probable–if not definite.

What a sad commentary. What a sad way that we have to raise our children. What a sad state of affairs.  What are your thoughts?

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