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Vacationing With Your Ex

Could you do it?

I was reading an interesting article about vacationing with your ex as a way to keep tight with your kids. Most famously, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have vacationed together successfully. I have done it–once, by accident.

I was spearheading a fundraising cruise on the Carnival Fantasy from New Orleans and it was supposed to be “my week” with the kids.  When I called to check to make sure she knew I was planning a trip, she mentioned that it was no problem as she and her current husband were also planning to be away.

Well, when the guest list came in, there was a very familiar name! You guessed it, we were vacationing together. I had not known she was joining the cruise (there were several booking methods and I did not necessarily see all of them) and she did not know I was the one behind the cruise.

So there we were vacationing as this decidedly odd family–my ex wife, her current husband, myself and our three kids. All in all it worked out well. There were a few awkward moments here and there, but we maintained decorum (it helps that we have a good relationship to begin with) and everyone had a good time and survived.

What about you? Could you vacation with your ex? Or is that just asking too much?

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Last year my daughter wanted to go to Disney World. She was 3. I really didn’t feel it was going to be fun just the two of us. I don’t have family here and my friends had other plans. so I asked my ex-husband if he wanted to join us. He loves our daughter and he accepted.
    The first day went great! The second day we had an argument. He treated me very bad, (that’s why we got separated.) I felt the same way as when we were together. The third day we didn’t talk to each other at all. The fourth day I asked him to change his frown for a smile, because none of us were having a good time. I asked him all day long to forget about the argument, but he remained upset most of the day. At the end of the day, after a long conversation, he changed. The last day he was happy again. That was so sad. We only enjoyed one day and a half.
    This year my daughter wants to go back… with her dad. Our relationship has improved over the last year, and this time, my daughter’s grandma is coming too, so I guess things will be different. I really hope so.

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