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Charlie Sheen: Single Dad

Wow, I am conflicted this morning.  Charlie Sheen does indeed have his problems–booze, drugs, hookers, and off the wall antics and behavior. He has had his issues with his ex wives, Denise Richards with whom he had two girls; and is now separated from his current wife, Brooke Mueller–mother of their 2-year old twin boys.

This may not be the most popular post I have ever written, but I have never heard any evidence that Charlie Sheen put any of his children in harm’s way. There are allegations of abuse against his wife and that is disgusting; but none against his children.  There are allegations (some may call it proof) of his drug, alcohol, stripper, and hooker addiction; but I have never heard that it impacted the relationship or the time he spent with any of his children in any way.

Last night, the police removed his twin boys from his home based on a restraining order obtained by his estranged wife. For a period, Sheen did not know where his sons were. Now, it appears that he has been reassured that they are safe and he is going through the legal channels to reclaim his parental rights.

Despite each of our own downfalls and faults, unless those faults impact the children, no one should be denied a relationship with their kids. The children are all too often used as pawns in this adult game of “Gotcha” and it needs to stop.

When I was first starting my divorce, my attorney suggested that I take the children on vacation prior to my ex wife being served papers. He said it would give a few days for cooler heads to prevail. There was no way in hell I was going to do that. If you want cooler heads to prevail, you don’t “kidnap” children and snatch them from a parent who is not causing any harm.

Ultimately, my ex got served and we sat down and made an agreement with each other that going forward, the children would jointly be our top priority. Whatever we did, we looked to the benefit of the children first.  And I am very proud to say that 11 years later, we both have held up that agreement!

As a father, Charlie Sheen deserves to have his sons back. Perhaps the answer is to have some sort of supervised custody–he certainly has the money to afford it. But I can assure you that his children are missing their dad right now, and that is just not right.

Of course, if the root of the issue turns out to be drugs or alcohol, a good drug rehab program will always helps drug addicts regardless of their social standing, sex, race, religious affiliations or age.

Here is , Charlie Sheen’s tweet that his sons were safe. I hope for the sake of these boys that things work out.

Charlie Sheen's tweet on his sons safety



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  1. Char says:

    Were you at Charlie’s house? Did you witness these things first hand? While I can sympathize with your situation, I think that people really need to stay out of other’s domestic disputes. Don’t worry….Charlie has enough money to get his kids back, whether they are in harm’s way or not. This is a really sad situation and people should just stay out of it until the facts are clear. Both parents have documented drug issues and the clear losers here are the children — not Charlie Sheen.

  2. JP says:

    Dealing with an ex who is an addict myself, I really have to say that no one can possibly understand the nature of addiction unless you’ve dealt with it first-hand. You can’t possibly understand how harmful this person’s behavior could potentially be to his children as an un-rehabilitated addict — whether he uses around the kids or not. It is very likely a toxic environment and the fact that the mother has allowed unsupervised visitation with him until this point is more troubling to me. I 100% support that the kids need their dad, but they need to be safe from emotional and physical harm first. They should be with him, yes. In a safe, supervised environment, until he proves that he’s sober for a substantial amount of time. Otherwise, they should not be around him, and certainly not living with him.

    I hear your concerns, but trust me, when addiction is a factor, it’s a very set of circumstances. Just go to any al-anon meeting and ask anyone in the room who grew up with a parent with addictions.

  3. John says:

    I do not have the experience of addiction. However, I find it strange that his daughters (from a previous marriage) have not also been isolated from him. And if indeed the professionals who have first hand insight to this (admittedly I don’t) I would think that there might be a better way to remove the kids from harm than to have LAPD tear them away. Maybe a social worker? Maybe a friend?

  4. John says:

    I am offering my opinion (and I knew it might not be the most popular) but there had to be a better way to handle this and it seems like the kids are being pawns. I am pretty sure the cops taking two infants from their home in the middle of their night is not the best way. And I have yet to hear that he was a detriment to his daughters and apparently they are also still connected to him.

  5. JP says:

    I’m with you on that one. The kids should come first, and while I lean towards thinking that the separation is necessary (until the situation can be evaluated) it should be made as un-traumatic as possible. But perhaps he was putting up resistance, or refusing to cooperate, and there was no other choice. There’s no way to know what is really going on. Also I once read that his daughters from his previous marriage did in fact have only supervised visitation. But who knows? Having been privy to the real “behind the scenes” stories of one or two other celebrities’ personal dramas, I do know that you can’t believe that anything you read is the whole truth. The media is just not very cautious about accuracy… and often a lot of important details get left out.

  6. Name (required) says:

    I agree with much of what JP has said.

    John, I was kind of surprised that you felt Charlie Sheen’s faults/traits were NOT impacting his kids. How could they not, when he has major alcohol, drug & behavioral issues (violence, hookers)?

    His family has been concerned about him for some time. Hopefully, now he will get the intervention he needs even though he says he’s fine.

    I don’t agree with HOW it was handled. It could have been done in a way that was less traumatic to Charlie & the kids.

    I do think he should have visitation with his kids while he undergoes rehab.

    He needs to get straightened out for his own sake & the sake of his kids.

  7. John says:

    I guess this whole post could have been worded differently. Stars live in different worlds and even the Today show has said that the kids are being raised (albeit with the assistance of two FT nannies) relatively normal in Sheen’s home.

    He has his demons and yes, if the kids are in danger or being otherwise influenced by it, by all means, remove them. But to have them taken by police (is this the Gestapo?) based on allegations made by a woman who has everything to gain, is an admitted drug and alcohol addict and is in rehab, is wrong. If it was such a critical issue, subpoena him to appear in court immediately with the kids to answer.

    To me, this seems typical in that the courts tend to side wiht moms most of the time. Sometimes they are right, but often they are off base. Both parents are questionable in terms of ability to raise the kids. And what has this proceeding done? Has it taken the kids out of the frying pan into the fire? Or vice versa?

  8. A says:

    Wow. I absolutely disagree with the position you take about Charlie Sheen. Can you argue with a straight face that Charlie’s antics, associations with porn stars/drug addicts and sexual exploits do not put his children in harms way? I dont even know where to start. Ill write more later.

  9. John says:

    It could have been handled differently. I think we all have our own issues and the same argument could be made for any parent that attends a party and drinks and drives home. Yes, Charlie is an extreme example and in the public eye (we are not), but I do feel that the gun may have been jumped. First, the kids have lived under a spotlight of sorts for a while–he is the highest paid actor on television and had the most popular show. From all I have read, the kids got the care and nuturing they needed–granted it was via two full time nannies (and that is a different conversation). But the accuser in this instance is his estranged (with an agenda?) wife who is in rehab! Is she the mom of the year where these kids need to be? Probably not.

    The solution, in my mind is to do it scheduled and have the kids “visit” a mutually agreeable relative and then have whatever evaluations need to be doen done.

  10. rachel says:

    so ur saying the kids are the problem?!?! what the fuck… yeah if he has kids he should support them because those kids are gunna go through hell because who their father is!

  11. b says:

    thank you i 100% agree

  12. P_NYC says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Today is the 1st time I visted this single parent travel web site and the last, I guess. Is there a woman who posts articles on this site, too? Or is it one-sided, a guy who obviously had issues with his split-up and worries about losing custody of his kids if he acts out of control. Anyway, I agree with A… and the sensible parents who care about the well-being of children when dealing with addicts like Charlie Sheen, who refuse to admit they have a problem and go to rehab! In addition to drugs and hookers, losing his job and publically ranting against his bosses, being violent toward the mothers of his children certainly has an impact on the kids. Denise is smart enough to have kept her daughters away from him during the “goddess” period. Geez. BYE.

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