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And To Every Teen Must Come An Accident

My son has been driving for a while. He is a good driver–after all I taught him everything he knows. Yesterday, I sent him on some errands for me and on his way home the unthinkable happened. My son, the invincible one ran into the back of another car!

He called me in a panic saying that no one was hurt and pleading that the other guy did not have a turn signal. I was so proud of myself that I remained calm, cool and collected. After all, everyone was safe and no one was hurt–THAT is the critical part. He was driving my Expedition (not very environmentally friendly, but according to the salesman in an accident I automatically win by default) and apparently was unable to stop in time when the guy in front of him stopped suddenly to make a right turn. No damage to my car (guess the salesman was right) and a small dent in the tailgate of the other guys pick up truck.

I told him to exchange information and since both cars were drivable, just get the info and head on home. Apparently when he was doing that, a witness appeared and mentioned that the other driver (the one my son hit) was too busy talking on the phone and made the stop without warning. In Maryland we just passed a law on October 1 requiring the use of a hands free device. At this point, the guy who was hit, decided that there was no need in exchanging any information and left.

When my son got home, he was still shaking and upset–probably more with worry about the consequences at home than the accident, but I explained that he was at fault and could not stop the car–period.  I told him to be more aware of it and to not let it bother him. They are called accidents for a reason and as long as no one was hurt–it was all good.  I think he was shocked at my reaction.

Last night, I was attending a function in Annapolis and was talking with our County Sheriff and our State’s Attorney General and mentioned the “first accident”, and they both gave a big thumbs up that there wasn’t one before!  We also got into a discussion about kids in general and I mentioned that with kids 19, 16, and 13 I have yet to receive a call from the school for grades or discipline, or the police. I said I was 99.9% sure I do not have a drug or alcohol problem with any of them and they all gave another thumbs up and said I scored the trifecta!  I left the party very pleased!

Ironically enough, the Sheriff who is in the midst of a re-election campaign game be a foam “soda” holder to give to my son!

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  1. yatra says:

    Kids should be well taken care.

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