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A Dose Of Reality

One of my favorite sayings is that whenever you are feeling down and things can’t get much worse, just turn on Jerry Springer and all of a sudden life will be grand!  I may be broke, out of a job, and have a car that needs to be replaced, but at least I am not in love with a girl who is having affairs with my great grandfather and my son!  Sometimes a dose of reality can slap you out of your pity party.

While I was not having a pity party, I did get a dose of reality this weekend when a fellow single parent told me about a friend of hers and the truly unfathomable situation she is facing.  I cannot do justice to the story and I encourage you to read her blog to truly feel what is going on–start around April25, 2010.

Katie Granju explains he blogging life,

I’ve blogged through marriage, the end of a marriage, a horrifically painful divorce, re-entry into the full-time work force, single parenting, working motherhood, falling in love, remarriage, blended family life, pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth, breast-feeding, baby- and toddlerhood.

But that is the tip of the iceberg. In a New York Times piece, she comes out of the closet as being the mother of a drug addict.  She is the mother of 4 children (blended) with another one on the way. Her son was recently beaten in a drug deal gone bad and has been clinging to life for over a month.  Her courage is legendary and I cannot even begin to imagine what this family is experiencing.

Today, we give thanks to those who have died in service to our Nation. But perhaps it might be a good time to give thanks for our own special blessings which we seem to take for granted every day.

Go grab a box of tissues and take a look at Katie’s blog. When you are done–go hug your kid!

I do not know the backstory of the addiction, but I am a firm believer in communication–communicate with your children, trust them and punish them when they breach it. As much as we would like to think that this could never happen to us–it can. And it does every single day.  Sometimes we will have some control over it and other times–none at all. Addiction does not discriminate. Educate yourselves and your children and more importantly, be aware!

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