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Snow, Snow Go Away

We got walloped with snow. Digging it out stinks, but it sure is pretty when it falls.  Here are some photos I took during the recent storms. If you are interested in seeing more, the rest are located here.  If you want to see December’s storm, here is that link!  Kinda makes you want to get away huh? How about Jamaica or Turks & Caicos?

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  1. Peggy H says:

    Thanks John for the snow pictures. Down in the deep south (Houston) that’s just plain exciting. It snows here about every 10 years and you have to keep your eyes on it if you want to see it on the ground because it will be gone in a flash.
    Is that your daughter learning sign language? Keep up the good work, she’ll be well-rounded :o)
    Take care,

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