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I Get No Respect

Not as bad as it might seem.We were out and I was being a real pain in the neck trying to video her. And if that’s the worse thing a 16 yr old throws my way, I am ahead of the game!

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  1. LOL…nice. I suppose it could be worse.

  2. Linda says:

    Tacky to place on a website.

  3. John says:

    Apologies–it was not intended to offend or be tacky. Last year, we incorporated a blog to the site in an attempt to make it more robust. Some of the posts are about travel, others are about raising kids as a single parent.

  4. mummyt says:

    Looks like real life to me… I guess if she was stuck in her room devastated by the embarrassment of it all, or getting the mickey taken out of her at school it would be different, but what sixteen-year-old hasn’t given their dad the finger, or worse?

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