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Dads & A Mother’s Love

Being male, for all of my life I never really “got” the whole maternal instinct thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and would go to the ends of the earth to protect them and to give them any opportunity I could. But I have always heard that a “mother’s love” was so different–and I never got it. Till now.

I consider myself fortunate in that my kids have all been relatively healthy all their lives. There have been no major traumas. But that changed on Super Bowl Sunday when my son (now a legal adult) told me he hurt his knee. It was swollen really bad, so off to the ER we went and somehow he chipped a bone and it was floating around behind his kneecap.

Yesterday, he went under the knife. General anesthesia and all that–and I think that is where the “mother’s love” kicked in for me. While I knew the surgery was relatively routine, the concern I had was so much different than ever before.

I don’t consider him an adult, and in many ways yesterday he was a little child. I was worried (but being male couldn’t show it); but now all is well. The surgery was slightly more complex than expected, but went well and now it is on to recovery!

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