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Bill Cosby Was Right

Raw Ground beef
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Are Kids Really All That Dumb?

Sometimes I wonder. My daughter is brilliant. She never studies and never falls off the honor roll. She has a great group of friends. She does not do drugs or drink. She is witty, funny and generally fun to be around.

But sometimes I just have to wonder where her brain goes. Take last night. She asked me to drive her to a friend’s house so they could work on a “lab” for Applied Nutrition. Applied Nutrition is somewhat like the old Home-Ec on steroids. The “lab” was to make a meal (they chose tacos) and analyze all the nutritional information about it and determine how it could be made healthier or more unhealthy.

I picked her up about 11pm and headed home. While I did not expect it, she came back with the ground beef and the cheese I had sent with her. When we got home, I told her to “make sure she put it all away in the kitchen”.

This morning, there it is rotting and stinking on the counter!  As she might say, WTF?

When I asked, she informed me that i only told her to make sure it was put “in the kitchen”. Perhaps I did. Call it semantics. But really, can she be that dumb?

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  1. Ester E. says:

    Yes, I have one of those. Honor student…great friends…a critical thinker…ask her the simplest thing…no clue. It’s definitely developmental…going from the concrete to the abstract to actually putting it into practice…ON HER OWN…with the thought of being JUDGED!!! Dag, what a weight on a teen who’s going through all the other emotional/developmental crap.

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