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Whew–All Back To School, Sorta

backtoschoolsptFinally, all the kids are back to school and my checkbook is screaming for mercy. Once the back-to school supplies were purchased and the endless pile of forms filled out, I thought I had a break.

But no. Two fundraiser packages (and no I am not going to pimp them here), some “must have” back to school clothes, homecoming dances, yearbooks, senior photographs (am I really that old?) , regular class photos, lab fees, art fees, and more.  In my county, the schools are funded by the County so they do not have their own taxing authority, but gosh, sometimes I wish they did. Just set the taxes to a rate where all kids can be equipped to attend school.

Why do I need to buy Kleenex, dry erase markers, hand sanitizer and other classroom “necessities”?

But I am done for a bit I think. I have an 18th birthday coming up in a month and then into the Holidays.  YIKES, off top buy a lottery ticket!

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