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This Irritates Me

Do you think a company can paint a father in any worse light? Please comment. I would like to hear your thoughts. Personally, I think it stinks!

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  1. Rob says:

    It irritates you because maybe you’re a single Dad and you’ve got yourself together. But, if you’re married and split duties with your spouse, then you are generally only using half (or less) of your resources to manage kids, a dog, and home life; relying on the other to do the rest. So, when it comes time to make things happen quickly (like a trip to the store) you can find yourself becoming easily frustrated.

    It’s a nice look in the mirror for some who might see themselves and realize the need for a change. The only thing Dad actually does wrong is not communicate with his kids. He instead allows himself to project his frustration. He could have saved himself all the trouble by a little two-way conversation with the kids in the first scene.

    And I should know. I wrote it. I’m glad this could serve as a discussion point. Best to you!

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