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Stupidity Invades My House

Apparently, the Swine Flu left Maryland and left a good dose of stupidity in its place. But adults are safe; apparently it is only affecting teenagers.dunce

Stupid Act #1

I asked my son to turn on the gas grill for dinner. He comes down and says it will not start. I asked if he tried to use a match to light it. (This is something he had seen me do in the past and even did it himself a time or two.) He looks at me like I am from Mars and says, “how do you light it with a match?” Here’s your sign!

Stupid Act #2

I am sound asleep and my dog hops off my bed and heads downstairs where my daughter is watching a movie late at night in the family room. Apparently Furby (the dog, not my daughter) begins to get all excited near the front door, starts to whine and bark a little, and scratching on the front door. So, what does my daughter do? She brings the dog up to my room, wakes me up and says, “he’s going crazy like he wants to go out.” I asked what she did and she said, “nothing, he was irritating so I brought him up to you.”  Here’s your sign!

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