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NeoPet Warning

NeoPets Are EvilNeopet

My youngest is a fanatic. Hours long phone calls to friends exchanging all sorts of neo-news.  But this is scary.  Apparently, identity thieves are targeting

The gist of it is they lure the kids to click on a link with the promise of a “magic paintbrush” that will change the colors of their NeoPets.  Once clicked, a virus is installed and begins to mine the personal information on the computer.

All parenting tips say to use a communal computer in a central area (good advice) but that set up also opens the adult information (credit cards, bank info, passwords) to the heackers.

Be careful!

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  1. Tony says:

    how do you get rid of it? my daughter downloaded it and now my computer is screwed up. any advice on how to remove it. my antivirus program wont even open any more. anything i try to open says not enough memory. it will open about 30 websites all at once as soon as i reboot. i spent 4 hours trying stuff last night with no luck. help

  2. John says:

    Tony–I am not sure. I did not get it. But that does not sound like the Neopets thing. I had a similar one once (opened a link that really looked legit) and it was a bugger to get rid of. You may try going to and see if they have it listed. Many times they will have manual steps you can take for virus and malware removal. But be prepared for some keyboard time. It is never easy.

    Best Buy is also decent with the Geek Squad–but they are like $200 and no guarantee they can save the data, so hopefully you have (or can get) a back up.

    Good luck-

  3. GABY says:

    I am not sure if neopets has a virus. My new computer was trashed and my mom says it is from a very secret virus that hides and can come on to your computer even if you don’t click on it.

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