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Changes In Single Parent Travel

update1Single Parent Travel Website Update

As you have noticed, there have been some changes.  These will be for the better; but I wanted to explain the whys the whats and most importantly ask for your feedback!


When we switched over to a much easier to manage blog platform, we had a custom design made for us. Unfortunately, the design had so many customized areas, that upgrading became a hassle and to be honest the designer was a little less than responsive. So we have moved to a different look that will be easy to navigate and offer a different and exciting experience at Single Parent Travel.

We welcome your suggestions, because this is indeed YOUR site.  Please keep in mind, that over the next few weeks it will be evolving as it is a work in progress, but please comment and let us know your thoughts–colors, layout, information, style, etc.


  • Top Bar. These are the main categories about us. History, contact info, advertising info, links to sites we feel you may like or enjoy, downloadable forms, and ultimately a method for you to book your non-SPT travel if you like.
  • Graphic. This will be done in a few days, but we will have a series of photos in the banner area that are snapshots from single parent vacations. My son is working on those right now!
  • Lower Bar. This is the main navigation bar. Do you want to read the Single Dad Blog, view our trips, or read our articles. When you click on a topic, your results will be filtered to just that topic–“trips” will not have any “blog” entries.
  • Center Column. This is the single place to go for updates. The center column will feature the latest information (blog, trip, or article).
  • Right Column. This will be reserved for our sponsors and advertisers. If you know of anyone that might be interested, please pass our name along. We have also eliminated the SPT Singles pages. There was too much confusion, and I am wondering if it is a good match for us in any event. If you are interested in an online dating service, there will be a smaller ad from Fast Cupid.  We obviously do earn some revenue from the ads. Some are sponsored (paid) ads and others are affiliate programs where we earn a commission if you buy a product. If you are shopping at Amazon, you can click through our link and we can earn a little bit to help support what we do. Your clicks and purchases are MUCH appreciated. Additionally, some of our ad proceeds are donated to local charities.
  • Left Column. This column will have information about the site. I am not sure what will be in there yet, but typically you will have some search features, comments, popular posts, maybe a calendar of trips, the sign up form for our newsletter, and more.

And speaking of our sign up form. We get a tremendous amount of traffic to the site but relatively few new subscribers. There is a static form on the site (left column) to sign up. However, I am also experimenting with a pop up for a sign up. I know pop ups are irritating–I hate them too, but this one is designed a little differently. Once you visit the page and either close it, or sign up, you shoudl never see it again on that same computer.  So yes, you may see it even though you are signed up, just close it and you shoudl be good to go.  But I am VERY interested in your thoughts on that pop up. I don’t want to alienate people and scare them away!

Thank you for your patience and I look forward to your comments.  Let me have it!

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