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Apologies For Site Issue

pullhairPlease accept my apologies for the site being down today!  Our domain expired and the domain registry people had an inactive email address, so I never received the “you better renew now or we are cutting you off” notices!

Of course when I try to log in to renew, I don’t recall my password and they offered to send a password reminder to –you guessed it the email address that is inactive.  So after about two hours on the phone trying to convince them that I was actually me, it was resolved.

So, yes, after pulling my hair out, I may be going for the Brittney Spears look!

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  1. Jim says:

    It happens to the best of us…

    I work for a major Corp and we ‘lost’ our web address for 4 hours, cause the emal to renew went to our accounting dept (A group email address) and no one did anything with it. The the AVP on our help desk wound up putting it in her amex card so we could get our domain running again.

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