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Now We’re Cooking!

How’s this for a great idea?  As single parents, our lives are hectic. Plain and simple. Soccer games, horseback riding, school , trips to the mall, PTA meetings, trips (of course), piano recitals, dance lessons, and that pesky little thing called work.

Sometimes I ask myself exactly how we actually do it all?  It does surprise me and I remember when I first divcorced having a newfound respect for the stay at home mom. Not that I ever felt it was a cushy job–I just did not realize the extent! But in some sense we are all superheroes–we do it all and we do it for our kids.

So, why not share some of those superpowers? I know one of the most challenging things is getting a good meal on the table. While I woudl love to have an unlimited line of credit with McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza, it is not feasible. So let’s create a Single Parent Travel Cook Book!

I know you have some great recipes to share. Some old favorites from Granny. Maybe a Betty Crocker that your tweaked. Some kid’s favorites. And how about some great ones for when you are alone or cooking for a date.

Send your recipes to me in an e-mail and I will create a SPT E-Cookbook and share it with the group. Please include your first name, last initial, hometown and state, the recipe (duh), and any classification you think it might fit–kid’s fav, romantical, quick and easy, holiday favorite, cultural classic, drinks, etc.

I will collect recipes for a few months and put them all together and publish the first SPT Cook Book!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    This one I made yesterday. Even my meat-eating boyfriend ate 2 bows of it (although I had to make him chicken nuggets after).
    Tofu Sirfry:
    Bok Choy
    Firm Tofu
    Braggs Aminos or Soy Sauce
    Ginger root
    Brown Rice
    Thai Chili Mango Dipping Sauce (bottled)
    Oil (like olive oil or peanut oil, etc)

    Start the brown rice cooking about an hour beforehand–it takes about an hour to cook.
    Finely chop up a peice of ginger root and a couple cloves of garlic .
    Wash and chop in big chunks bok choy
    Cut Tofu in cubes
    Slice up onion
    In a big skillet or wok, heat oil.
    Put everything in at once (except the rice)
    Mix it up a bit, let it cook for a few minutes–not too much (you want to have a little crunch to the veggies).
    Pour about 1/4 of bottle of Chili Mango sauce over it all. Mix it up some more. Sprinkle some soy sauce or Braggs over that. Put tufu/veggie mixture over the brown rice on a plate. Serve and enjoy.

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