Updated Travel Forms

OK, so it may not excite you too much, but it does me!  I have been meaning to get these updated forms onto the new site and until now, they have eluded me.

Click on the DOWNLOADS link on the top bar. On the next page, you will see a list of the forms we have available. Most are PDF.  As the list grows, you can click on the category of form to filter it out. Currently we have all,  passport forms, general forms, miscellaneous info, and SPT press.

So right now we have the most current forms for:

  • New issuance of a Passport
  • Renewal of a Passport
  • Affidavit for the issueance of a child’s Passport when both parents cannot be present
  • Minor consent to travel (needed for some countries)
  • Single Parent Travel “Get Packin'” checklist
  • The SPT survey results
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15 Responses to “Updated Travel Forms”

  1. I am a grandmother who is taking her grandson to see his father in Amsterdam. His mother lives in USA and he has an American passport. Do yoiu know of any documentation I will need ,besides consent forms from his parents, to take him out of the country?

  2. No the minor consent form should be all that is needed…and that is just as a precaution. I have never been stopped in the EU traveling alone with a kid. Have a great trip!

  3. Hello,

    I am traveling to South America with my daughter and it is not possible for me to get a consent form. I got a passport without her father’s signature (he’s on her birth certificate) because I do not know where he is.

  4. The laws are still on the books in Mexico. They may (or may not be) enforced. We recommend filling out the form from the site and attaching a statement to it that the father is not in the picture. You will need a passport to go to Mexico, but I woudl bring the original birth certificate, a copy of the birth certificate (to leave behind) to document that the father is NOT on the birth record.

  5. Best to have the passport, birth certificate, and a letter to be safe

  6. my dad and i are going to england…and we need a form for my mom to sign so i can with my dad

  7. I will be traveling with my daughter from US to Switzerland and France. We both are US citizens. Her father lives in Russia and is not and is not a US citizen. What kind of documents I need besides passport to travel with my daughter? I also have a notarized letter with his permission for my immigration with my daughter.

    • You should be fine with your passports and a notarized letter. Provided that you are both US Citizens and traveling on US Passports. The citizenship of the father is not an issue and Switzerland and France are EU nations so no visas are needed! Sounds like a fun trip!


  8. We are traveling to Jamaica in Dec/11 with our children (other parents) I am concerned with traveling with my bf’s 2 children. We have a consent letter to travel but it is not notarized. She has legal custody but they live with us and she lives quite a ways and not much contact. Do you think this will be a problem with the consent letter not being notarized?

    • Probably not. If you can get it notarized that is best–or a notarized statement saying the other parent is absent. Jamaica is not really a nation that looks for the letter (Mexico does and many South American countries)

      To be sure and for peace of mind, I might suggest calling your lawyer and showing him the form and asking him or her!

  9. I’m going to Jamaica with my two children and my youngest child’s father, but my oldest daughters father is no longer in the picture. We are all US citizens. Do I need consent from her father in order to travel with her?

    • Jamaica is not typically a country that requires them. However, we suggest that if at all possible you carry a permission form. I hate to think of the worst case scenario, but what if there was an accident and you were not able to make medical decisions for your child? The forms typically will advise authorities how to get in contact with a relative, give them a very limited power of attorney, and shows everyone that you are indeed planning on coming home at a set time.


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