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Sometimes You Just HAVE To Laugh

You can tell when a kid is not ready for the weekend to be over! This afternoon, my youngest apparently fell asleep after school. I am in the kitchen making dinner (yes I do do that) and have several pots and pans going at one time. One of her friends calls and, without answering,  I shout upstairs for her to pick up the phone.

All of a sudden she appears in the kitchen and begins to make her lunch for school tomorrow, her clothes are changed and she has her coat on. I ask what she’s doing and she replies, “Why are you making that?”.

I explained it was for dinner and she was all sorts of confused.

Then it dawned on me. She was awakened from her slumber at 6:22PM and thought it was morning and time for school!  She was all set to go in record time!

Still snickering–sometimes kids really do keep you young at heart!

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  1. Oh, she must have been pooped! How old is your youngest now?

    And just as importantly, what was for dinner? I made an amazing spinach lasagna last night… but the kid had only two bites. Ugh.

  2. John says:

    She’s 11 and it was hysterical. She was so confused, her brother is paying a video game, the dog is looking for a treat (a big no no in the mornings) and Dad is cooking dinner and her whole world was just not right!

    Dinner was a compilation to assuage different appetites–chicken breasts and french fries, a very tasty hearty appetizer that looks like cat vomit, french onion soup, and a salad from a bag!

  3. Donna says:

    I can feel for her. I did this as an adult! Got all the way to the 24 hour time clock before I realized it was pm, not am.

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