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Kitty Snot & Poision Control

I was talking with a friend the other day laughing about the foolish things we had done in terms of parenting. While I will not toss him under the bus, I will share one* of my favorites.

When my son was like 8 or 9 months, I was being a good husband and cleaning the house. I was working on the glass screen/storm door and it was loaded up with kitty snot. You know kitty-snot, when the cats press their wet noses against the glass. Well, it was not going to well with the Windex and the rag, so I unscrewed the Windex to pour it on to the rag for some serious snot scrubbing. All was going well until I realized that as my back was turned, JT had decided to take a swig of the Windex!

Panic set in and I called Poison Control (being the responsible parent that I was) and was relieved to know that it likely was not a big deal unless he drank the whole bottle.  They suggested giving him some drink to get the taste out of his mouth and just keep an eye on him.  He was fine and really there was no need to stress out my wife (at the time) about this.

Later that night, after my shower, I come down the steps and from my wife  I hear the seven words that you know will land you in trouble–“Do you have anything to tell me?”  I knew I was screwed and put on my best sheepish look and was informed that while I was in the shower, Poison Control was just doing a routine follow up on the reported “poisoning”.

Ugh.  So, anyone else out there feel like sharing your stupid dad  (or mom) move?

* Only sharing one. One that my ex knows about because she reads this blog!

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