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Imagine, A Guy Asks For Directions!

I know, I know, Rule #2 of the Guy Manual explicitly states “Never ask for directions“; but I need some help. I want to really make this blog pop and need some help from you. What direction should we head? We can stick with strictly travel, or we can shift to more parenting or single dad/mom issues, or a mix of them all.  What do you think:

And while we are at it, are you interested in blogging for us either anonymously or under your real name?  Please send me an email!

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  1. jim says:

    Never ask for direction.
    I have a GPS (My Son named Lucy) cause it nags me alot. when I dont do what it says. If we can get the programming right we get where we want to do. (Note to other check your kids prog of it) wound up 45 min in wrong direction on the way to a hotel. at 1am in the morning, I just kept following the directions, and wound up at the end of someone’s driveway. 30 miles from where we wanted to be,

  2. jim says:

    On the main topic, a mix of both…..

  3. John says:

    Here is my “get rich quick” scheme. Voice tracks to import into GPS units….imagine instead of the “Turn left in 100′” it said in a Joe Pesci voice “You better get over ya gotta hang a louie soon”?

    Or when you miss a turn….. oh the fun we could have!

  4. John Biddle says:

    Great article. As a single Dad, I travel with my kids a couple of weekends a month. And I always stop and ask for directions. I need a GPS system! thanks for the post.


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