Kiddie In The Middle!

Here’s our first guest blogger!  If you are interested, please let me know! (JWF)

Why is it that my ex always wants to put the kids in the middle of what should be an “adult” conversation? She never fails to get a snipe against me in front of the kids and it really ticks me off. What she doesn’t realize is that the kids see it, know it, and realize it, and honestly resent her for it.

My son was in one of his “gimme” moods as all kids are at age 9. Gimme this gimme that. When I told him “no”, he went to his mother and asked her. Rather than simply saying “no”, she took the opportunity to snipe me by saying how I never pay for anything and how hard it is for her and how good I have it and so forth.  I mean all the kid asked for was a game for his XBox and he get’s this earfull–at 9!

Other than feeling good about trashing me, what can she possibly hope to get out of it. We had a fairly amicable divorce (as divorces go) and I am never late on the child support payments, and her alimony (when she got it) was always on time. We share custody, I pay for health insurance, and living expenses when the kids are with me but all of a sudden I am the evil dad?

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