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The Traveling Pants

Brenda sent along this note and I thought–why didn’t I think of that!  But what a fantastic idea for a great memory.

When my physical therapist and her sister were in their early teens, their parents divorced.  Their father decided to embrace his new role as a single parent.  Shortly after the separation, he took his 2 daughters for a 2 week trip, a week in London and a week in Israel.  Not knowing how to occupy them for the long plane trip (this was before the proliferation of our current electronic portable gadgets), he bought them each a pair of jeans and gave them a pen on a string to wear around their necks. He told them to wear the jeans on every flight.  During the flight they could write anything they wanted on their jeans.  Pretty soon they were gathering autographs from fellow passengers. By the time the trip was over, the jeans were filled with comments, writings and designs of new found friends.

Epilogue: The girls saved the jeans and interestingly, each daughter, after finishing college, went to work abroad for a year. One chose to go to London, the other to Israel.

Have a Happy Holiday!

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