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My Kids Are Great

Yes, this is a self aggrandizing post, but I just need to say it! I am totally bummed that they are not with me for Christmas dinner (is McDonald’s open?) but thrilled that they were here this morning to experience the magic of Christmas. We are all non-believers at this point, but believe me the magic is there! But hey, they are coming back to me tomorrow so all is well in the Frenaye house!

My youngest really outdid herself this year. I got a handmade folder (and I am a sucker for that stuff) with a “tribute book” to me and it was so incredible and meaningful. I could not have asked for a better set of kids!

And on a funny note, part of the “book”, she described what I smelled like. Now this could go any number of ways, but this one I did not expect. She said I smelled like FCUK and I just burst out laughing–my favorite cologne is by French Connection, UK and that is their brand name. Somehow I think she may have been testing my sense of humor!

Merry Christmas to all and wishing you all as great a holiday as I had!


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  1. firemedic says:

    Great story John. I too have been divorced and know the pain of being separated from my kids on important holidays. Most of the holidays I miss, I am working a 24 hour shift. But it still sucks.

    The cologne story is hilarious!

    Merry Christmas!

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