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Mediterranean Cruise July 15, 2009

You asked for it and you have it. A Mediterranean Cruise for the summer of 2009. The Ruby Princess is making her debut in November 2009 so you will be one of the first to sail on this new ship.

Single Parent Travel will offer onboard activities, dining together, and we will organize some shore trips (additional cost) for your group. Join us and experience the such wonderful cities as Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Athens and Monte Carlo!

This is a fabulous trip and with the current value of the dollar versus the Euro, cruising is a great value. Remember with a cruise, it is like having your hotel and all meals included!  The Mediteranean sells out fast and we only have 10 cabins. A refundable deposit will hoild this wonderful cruise on the Inaugeral Season of the Ruby Princess!

For more details, please download the PDF flyer here, or give us a call at 888-277-8543.

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  1. edith miranda says:

    Where will the ship depart from? thank you Edith

  2. jfrenaye says:

    This ship departs from Barcelona and ends up in Venice. There should be a downloadable PDF on the post that has the complete itinerary! Especially for Med cruises, I recommend arriving in the departure city the day before and overnighting. If you (or your luggage) misconnects or get’s delayed it is a hassle extraordinaire!

  3. Rose Dobrez says:

    Hi John – This trip looks fantastic!! I just have a few questions; do you have an itinerary for day excursions on land? i.e. is there a plan in Pisa or is it just see the sights on your own? I am a single mother with two school age children (tweens) is there a room set-up that could accommodate us? Do you have to have a set number of participants for this trip to move forward? Thank you – Rose

  4. jfrenaye says:

    The trip will go with one family or 100. Well, we don’t have space for 100 but you know. I suspect that there will be between 7 and 15 families when all is said and done. We do have triples available The price for the third person on the balcony set up for a triple is $2157. Price for the third person for an interior cabin would be $1532.

    We do not have any of the SPT events set up yet. We will have at least one group shore excursion planned (optional and additional) and several onboard events. If you want to take a look at the excursions offered you can go here:

    Just a note, if you snoop on the site, remember that our pricing includes all taxes, port charges, fuel surcharges as well as transfers to and from the ship and airport.

  5. Rose Dobrez says:

    What would be the total cost for three with a balcony? How much is required to reserve a spot? Could you help us with airfare flying from Grand Rapids, Michigan? thank you.

  6. jfrenaye says:

    The cost of a balcony is $3852 or $3952 per person depending on which one you choose. SO the total cost would be $9861 or $10,061.

    Air is not included but we can certainly help with that. You are welcome to use a local source, points, or online if you like. It really does not matter one way or the other.

    I would recommend arriving in Barcelona the day BEFORE sailing. One never knows what might happen to luggage and airline schedules. It is a form of insurance that is well worth it.

  7. Kim says:

    This may sound dumb but how do I and kids get back to Barcelona? Is there a train or do I fly out of Venice after the depart the ship at the end of the trip? Never been to Mediterrian or Europe. Trip looks great and really making plans to take the cruise. Kim

  8. jfrenaye says:

    Kim–not silly at all. The cruise is a one way cruise and you will fly into Barcelona and out of Venice.

    I hope you can join us!


  9. stephanie says:

    Hi, I was wondering, how is it going to be the weather for those days? what type of clothing should i take for the cruise??

  10. John says:

    Well the weather is anyone’s guess. Temperatures can range from the 60s to the 80s. I woudl suggest a few lighter jackets/sweaters for the cooler evenings.

  11. Doris says:

    Itinerary sounds amazing! When is the initial deposit due? How many families do you have signed up?

  12. John says:

    Right now there are three families signed up and under deposit with a total of 6 kids. The deposit is due as soon as possible to hold your space and it is refundable until June.


  13. Kelley says:

    This sounds wonderful. My son would love it! It is however, very expensive. Can the price be more affordable?

  14. John says:

    I agree. There may be some lower deck interior cabins available and they may be slightly less expensive, but not significantly. I woudl be happy to check for you if you like–just send me an email john at and let me know the number of kids (I am assuming one) and the age and I can see what we can find out.

    FYI, our pricing includes the transfers, port charges, taxes and fees, so it is not a “lead-in” price but an inclusive price.


  15. Linda says:

    In July, the Mediterranean ports are hot, hot, hot! Be ready for lots of heat, sun and wear your sunscreen and a hat.
    I took a Mediterranean cruise last May, and the weather was gorgeous in every port. Sunny, no humidity and temps in the 70’s. Perfect!
    When you dock at Livorno, you must travel another hour on land by bus to reach Pisa. Worth the extra trip!

    In Barcelona, check out Las Ramblas and see the many Living Statues. Within walking distance from the docks.

    Rome is a very organized city. Ignore the grafitti on the antique buildings! The metro is very easy to travel. See the Vatican and the Colesseum via the metro. Watch out for pickpockets. Ladies, use shoulder bags not handbags.

    Venice is the best! So very different from anything you have ever experienced in your travels. The taxi (boats) system is easy to understand. Be sure to visit an open air market, the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark’s Square. If you take a gondola ride, make sure you understand the price FIRST! (It’s usually per person.)

    Most Europeans in the service industries speak and understand basic English phrases.

    Have fun!!

  16. lorne clayton says:

    Was wondering on the Ruby Princess cruise from Barcelona to Venice. In each port-how far is the ship docked from the city. IE do we need to book an excursion just to get into the city or is it simple enough to walk from ship to city?


  17. Joanne says:

    Hi John,

    This trip sounds like a dream vacation for me but I think it may be a little out of my budget this year. Also I have one daughter who just turned 7yrs old and I feel that she may be a little young to appreciate this trip. I am new to this site. Is this trip or something close to it going to be offered again in the future? Thank you.

  18. John says:

    @ Lorne– a lot of them will be within a reasonable walking distance. If not, a short cab from the ship. The ones that are kind of far away are Rome and Florence

    @Joanne– yes we will be doing similar trips in the future. Possibly a Baltic cruise next summer.

  19. Morey says:

    Wait, I cannot fathom it being so satrightfrwoard.

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