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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem….Sieze the moment!  At SPT, we try to make things as easy and affordable as possible for our single parents. Sometimes we can negotiate a lower fare or rate, other times we look to have an amenity included or a deposit amount reduced. BUt you can always be assured when you travel with SPT that you are getting a good value.

Please remember that all of our deposits are refundable. We understand all about the “issues” of being a single parent–pesky ex, broken leg, school conflicts, and kids just being kids.  But if you see a trip you are interested in, PLEASE consider a deposit. That way you are assured that you have a space and are not stuck with a substandard room or cabin that we needed to add in at the last minute.

We have just released 2 cruises. The Caribbean cruise on the Freedom of the Sea is during a popular time on one of the most popular ships afloat. Once the cabins are gone, I may not be able to get more. Or if we do not have enough interest (and everyone was clamoring for a Caribbean cruise in the spring), the cruise line will look to take my space back to sell to someone else.

Same goes for the Mediterranean. This is one of the newest ships on the seas and the Mediterranean is a fantastic and popular cruise.Remember that in Europe, things are VERY expensive. With a cruise, your “hotel” and your dining are all covered in one US based price.

So, if you are interested, carpe diem and let me know!

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