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Welcome Home

Well over the next 12 hours, families from our Alaskan Cruise, Turks & Caicos, and Jamaica will trudge through their own front doors. Likely the maid service will not have followed, but I hope everyone arrived home safe and sound and are ready to share the tales of your trips. If you are brave enough to blog about it, let me know and I can get you all set up. And if you have any photos to share—please send me a link! But welcome back and thank you!

In terms of upcoming trips, if you are considering our Rocking Horse Ranch trip in November, now would be a good time for a deposit. We already have a good number of families deposited and once our allotment is gone from the main building, we move to the “other” building.  And if you are a single dad, we can use one or two of you for the December Cruise. Right now we are VERY heavy towards single moms.

And please check out some of the teasers we have for the trips planned. Hollywood, Seattle, and more. The details are coming VERY soon, but the dates and pricing is on the site.

As for my knee–well it still stinks. I am getting a bit more mobile and a little less dependent on Percocet which is a good thing. After a brief demonstartion why placing food on the botton shelf of a refrigerator is like teasing, I think my son now “gets it”.  But I am treating it as a life lesson. You really take knee use for granted. Sort of like when I divorced, I got an entirely different perspective of the whole single parent deal!

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  1. jfrenaye says:

    Hi Nilda–

    Yes, our forums were hacked by spammers and we are working on that right now.

    We are doing a Med Cruise next summer. I am not sure of the dates but they will be set in the next few weeks. Most likely in July and it will likely be on Carnival or Royal Caribbean (I am going for the least expensive of the two due to the weak dollar–still)

    Please stay tuned!

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