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The New Look of Single Parent Travel

MountainWell, it has been a long time coming but we have launched a new look for SPT. Hopefully it will be a cleaner, less clutteres experience for you and add a bunch of new features! Most importantly, this new publishing platform will allow me the ability to update and change at a moment’s notice! Whew!

There are three main areas of the new site. Blog, trips, and resources.

  • The Blog (which is this) is an online journal of sorts. I hope to update it frequently if not daily, so please check back for my random and usually irellevant thoughts.
  • The Trips section will have the up to date details of any planned Single Parent Travel trips. Once I figure it all out, you will be able to view all the details online and then download a PDF file if you want a hard copy.
  • The Resources section is the meat of the site. This is all the tips, tricks, stories, opinions, columns, and destination information you could want. Looking for a form, go there. Looking to find out about Cancun, check there.

Along the top (in the black bar) there are links to our FORUMS, and some pretty self explanatory stuff. Please check out the links pages and if you have a link you want to submit, please send it along and we will include it. The links will ultimately be a huge resource and as we collect them, we will categorize them and make it easy to find what you are looking for.

So, how do you find stuff on here? Play around. You cannot do anythign to hurt the site or your computer so feel free to click and explore. Please support any of our sponsors because they help pay the bills! Most all of the content will fall into three categories–blog, resources, or trips. The resources has a few sub categories as well, destinations, travel tips, opinion, etc. And to further define an article, there will be tags. So for instance, if I write about a cruise. Likely it will have a category of RESOURCE and DESTINATION and tags of cruising and Royal Caribbean.

This whole new Web 2.0 is new to me. I am still operating on John 1.0 so I am sure there will be glitches, but I am excited!

Please, explore, click and discover!



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