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A GREAT Idea For Keeping Kids Straight

If your family is like mine, the kids are all over–soccer on this side of town, baseball on that side, and the all important mall on the other side of town. Throw in some school events like PTA meetings, recitals, plays, and the dreaded parent-teacher conference and keeping it all organized is a nightmare!

I am fortunate that my ex wife lives locally and we share custody of the kids. We talk as needed (which is good) but have discovered the wonderful world of the GOOGLE CALENDAR!

It is a free application that runs on the internet. You set up an account and then you can share the calendar with whomever you want–or don’t want.  With our custody arrangement (week on week off) I don’t get the notices from school each week, but with the Google Calendar I am up to speed.

We have established a family shared calendar and anyone can post to it. Birthday parties, doctor appointments, changes in custody, trips, playdates, the whole 9 yards. I have my own personal non shared calendar with Google and that will overlay on the shared one so I can see any conflicts.

We agree to put any and all events on the calendar and it is a great tool.  Go to and sign up for it.

Although we are not into it yet, the Google Docs is coming on strong, so the kids can have access to their papers and projects at either house and no need to put it on flash drives and so forth if they are at a friend’s working together.

Google will rule the world at one time, but these two applications are a definate winner in this house!

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