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9 Great Tips for Single Parent Families

  • Involve your children in your research and decisions. Talk to them about what you are planning to do.
  • Try to spend a third of the time on a trip doing things you like, a third on activities you and your child or children like, and a third doing things you both enjoy.
  • Plan on visiting places that each child is interested in. A school is always a good choice.
  • Type up an itinerary for each vacation you take. This will this prevent some arguments en route about what to do each day and the extra copies are handy for future reference.
  • Record any driving or travel directions. Have a child read them to you while driving.
  • Make a packing list and give a copy to adolescents so they can be in charge of their preparations.
  • Nutritious snacks and water come in handy whether on a plane, train or a bus.
  • Have your children assist with baggage and other tasks, such as map reading. Even very young children can be assigned a responsible task, such as locating fire exits in a hotel.
  • Be sure to thank your children for their help.

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