Rocking Horse Ranch – November 1-3, 2013

Here we go again! Our bi-annual trip to the Rocking Horse Ranch in November 2013 is open for bookings. A fully refundable $200 deposit holds your spot and the balance will be due 30 days before the trip.

November 1-3, 2013

We have discovered a “sweet spot weekend” for this trip. The weather is fantastic. The food is fantastic. And we are able to take advantage of the switchover from Daylight Savings Time and gain an extra hour of sleep. We expect it to be nothing short of spectacular for hiking, trail rides, and especially visiting the Walkway Over The Hudson!horse

Your weekend includes your room, meals, and all of your activities including:

  • unlimited trail rides
  • pie eating contests
  • bb gun and archery range
  • paddleboats
  • rock climbing walls
  • euro bungee jumping (new)
  • indoor water park
  • fishing
  • mini-golf
  • special Wii room for the kids
  • and much, much, more

If you are wondering about all the fun you might have missed in the past (or if you want to revisit it), be sure to check out our photo gallery  of last year’s trip!

The pricing for the trip is as follows:

  • bungeeAdults + 1 Child: $699.00
  • Additional Children: $225.00
  • Children (under 3): FREE

* Children are from 3-17, all rooms in main lodge, pricing includes all taxes, fees, surcharges, etc.

IMPORTANT: Deposits are fully refundable for any reason up until October 1, 2013 when the balance is due and any payments up to that point become non-refundable. Any refund (partial or full) after that date will be assessed on an individual basis. Travel insurance is available.

To secure your spot, simply make your payment online here. Or you can give us a call at 888-277-8543 (we always love to hear from you), or send us an email at

You can print out all the details on our downloadable flier here!

Single Parent Travel has the most competitive prices on Rocking Horse Ranch due to our long term relationship.  Don’t believe us? Check it out!

Lowest Prices

If you went to the Ranch’s site, you may  see a promotion for the same weekend that looks mighty tasty!

But, once you cut through the advertising fluff, look at the asterisks, and put pen to paper (or finger to calculator), you will see how we can save you nearly $300!  When you book directly with the Ranch, the rate quoted is a per night rate…based on double adult occupancy…and the child rate is for children 3-6…in the Oklahoma building…and you need to add in tax and service fees.  Our pricing is all up front and inclusive. Below is a sample of their May 2013 pricing. They do not have Fall 2013 pricing on their site yet.

  • $239.00  Rate Per AdultScreen Shot 2013-07-18 at 12.24.30 PM
  • $ 33.00  Rate for child 3-6
  • $119.50  Premium for single adult
  • $58.73  15% Ranch Svc. Charge
  • $39.57  8.8% NYS Sales Tax
  • $489.22  TOTAL PER NIGHT
  • $978.44  TOTAL FOR 2 NIGHTS
  • $283 Savings


Since the trip is so close to departure, payment in full is required. Any payment at this point should be considered non-refundable. Any and all refunds (full or partial) will be at the discretion of the ranch once paid.

A $200 deposit is required to hold your spot. It is fully refundable until April 17, 2013 at which time any refunds or credits will be at the discretion of the ranch.  You can make your deposit online below–just click the PAY NOW button, or give us a call!


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6 Responses to “Rocking Horse Ranch – November 1-3, 2013”

  1. John — I’m considering coming up north for this, but wanted to find out what time on 11/1 the activities are expected to “start”? And what time do people tend to depart on the 3rd? Thanks!

    • The first scheduled activity by us will be late afternoon…as early as 430 or as late as 530 or 6 for a welcome reception. Of course the ranch has activities non-stop.

  2. Hi John – Curious how many families you have signed up for the trip. Thanks!

  3. Debby Homack Cartnick Reply 21. Oct, 2013 at 6:50 am

    If I go this will be my first trip. How young is the youngest a child can be and do we provide our own transportation to the ranch?If so, what airport is the closest? Thanks so much! Debby Homack Cartnick

    • Hi Debby–

      The youngest on this trip is 2. The oldest is 17. The age range is very solid between 7 and 15. Insurance requires children to be 7 or older to ride the horses unassisted.

      Transportation to the ranch is NOT included and the nearest airport is Stewart International (SWF). With that said, if you are flying in, please consider the time it takes to negotiate the airport, etc. The airport is about 35 minutes from the ranch and we only have a weekend trip. So if you are arriving late Friday afternoon and departing on Sunday morning, to be honest, it might be a disappointment for you. However, if you are planning on staying in the area, visiting NYC, Boston, etc. it might make sense.

      The Ranch is open the week after we plan to stay there, however the rates are higher. If you are interested, shoot me an email at and I can get some rates for you.

      I hate to discourage you, but I really want to make sure you have a good time!


  4. Hi! I am so excited to have found you guys here! But I am a little worried. My kids are older, 11 and 15. Do teens and young teens come on these trips…and have fun?? Or are you (and/or this trip) mainly targeted to younger single-parent families?

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