Single Parent Travel Heads To Peru In July 2013

One of the most beautiful places on the planet is Peru. This summer, Single Parent Travel will be heading south of the Equator to visit this ancient and beautiful paradise.  Our Founder, Brenda Elwell has designed this trip to be cultural, educational, and beautiful.

Our 7 day jaunt will include 2 nights at the Sacred Valley outside of Cusco, several domed train rides, a night at the storied Machu Picchu ruins, a 2 night stay in Cusco (city), 2 nights at Lake Titicaca and one night in Lima.

Your comfort is enhanced with private tours when available and we have even arranged for oxygen treatments in your Cusco hotel to help with any elevation issues you might experience.

As with all of Brenda’s trips, there will be plenty of personal attention and surprises along the way.  The details of this trip can be found in this complete itinerary (PDF).  For more details or to reserve your spot, please email Brenda Elwell directly.


  • Dates: July 20-17, 2013
  • Cost:  $4660 (adult and child under 12 at time of travel) – $4998 (adult and child 12 and older at time of travel)
  • Meals: Most are included
  • Deposit: $500 per person (refundable less a $20 pp processing fee up to May 20, 2013)
  • Final Payment Due: May 20, 2013
* Pricing is based on minimum of 3 traveling families. If 3 do not travel, you will have the option to cancel (less $20 fee per person) or take the trip at a slightly higher cost.


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23 Responses to “Single Parent Travel Heads To Peru In July 2013”


  2. What does it cost for one adult and two kids over 12? The pricing confuses me, unless you’re saying only one child can accompany the single parent?

    • Julie…the pricing is for a parent and a single child (that is what most of our families are). There is a price difference between children under 12 and over 12.

      However if there are two children or more, we can certainly accomodate them, jsut let us know and we can provide the price.

      Sorry for the confusion!

  3. My son and I would love to go, but we are not available 7/20-7/27 (unavailable 7/14-7/25). Please let us know if the dates change.

  4. Would you recommend this trip for a 4 yr old as well as our first trip with this group?! I have been following single parent travels and am eager for our addition to the trips. Thank you for providing these opportunities for families.

    • Hi Ash–
      This is John and off the top of my head, I am thinking that 4 might be a bit young. My main concern might be the altitude. However, I suggest that the best person to answer this might be Brenda. She has been many times and crafted this particular trip. You can email her directly at brenda (at)


  5. Hi John,

    two questions:
    1. when is the deposit due
    2. any idea about the how cold the temps drop and how that may affect hiking?

    I’m really excited about this trip but hoping we’re not hiking in 35 degree temps!

    • The range of temperatures is from the high 30s to the mid to upper 60s in July. Of course weather can fluctuate, but I am pretty confident that the temps will be cool but not cold during the hikes.

      Brenda has done this trip several times on her own and would have a lot more details to share–she is actually handling all the bookings as well. I might suggest shooting her an email at brenda [at] and get the first hand low-down.


  6. Hi there. My wife, Jean, and I spent close to a month in Peru driving, hiking, flying, canoeing, and riding the rails across the country. We have traveled to several parts of the world, creating wonderful memories, but Peru, however, tops our list.

    The trip to Peru was made memorable because it included such a variety of unique and separate experiences like flying over the Nazca Lines, hiking in the Amazon Jungle, driving into the Andes Mountains to see wild Vicuna, and climbing Huayna Picchu at Machu Picchu. Of course, a vast number of other sights and scenes crossed our paths while in that wonderful country, too. Come check out some of our pictures and stories at:

  7. Denise Toussaint Reply 30. Dec, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    I would like to know the price of a 20 year old 15 year old and myself. Thank You

  8. Would it be possible to shorten the length of this trip, maybe 4-day/3-night?

    • Hi Alanna-

      My gut is telling me no, but it iwoudl be best to check with Brenda at My reasoning is that the travel time to get there and back is significant and the altitude takes some adjusting.

  9. Hi
    What about air fare? I have a six year old. Live in New Jersey

    • Amy–the airfare is not included with the price as people will come from all over. We can certainly arrange it for you, or you can get it on your own, use points, etc.

  10. What is the minimum recommended age for this trip?

    • There is no minimum age, but we are dealing with altitudes that may have discomfort in the ears and also just general altitude sickness. If I was traveling with my kids, I personally would want them to be 6 or older. Hope this helps!

  11. Peru is really one of my favorites. Please keep posted if you have more like this. I can unfortunately not make this date.

  12. I’m thinking of taking this trip with my 10 year old. How many families do you currently have booked and what is the age range of the children?


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