Single Parent Travel Mexico Spring Break!

Travel with Single Parent Travel as we explore Mexico’s Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya is just south of Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula—a place some consider to be the birthplace of the Mayan Indians.

Our stay will include 6 night’s hotel accommodations at the beautiful Occidental Grand Xcaret.  Our stay is all-inclusive and will include all meals, all drinks, all entertainment, and of course your resort stay and transfers to and from the airport in Cancun. The resort features one of the largest pools on the Riviera Maya, and a well-protected beach, just perfect for lazy snorkeling! All included! You stay will also include admission to the Xcaret Park next door for one day.

Single Parent Travel has also arranged a day trip by boat to the Isla Mujeres for a fun filled day of snorkeling, eating, shopping, and learning about pirates!

For a printable PDF Flier please click here.

Many moons ago, in 2004, we stayed here and had a blast. Here are a few snapshots from that trip!


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34 Responses to “Single Parent Travel Mexico Spring Break!”

  1. What a fun trip! I love the concept of the parent/child vacation with other single parents for spring break.

  2. Have u priced airfare out of NY at this time??
    Any safety concerns?

    • Aeromexico has a non stop from JFK with great times for $515. There are some for $489 that are one-stop in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale that are reasonable flights as well. But for the $25 I’d go non stop. There are no concerns for this part of Mexico. The violence is pretty much isolated to border towns. Even in Cancun proper about the worst you might see is pickpocketing. The resort itself is gated and guarded.

    • where in ny are you?

  3. I would have loved to have taken this trip. Unfortunately, the dates do not coincide with my daughter’s spring break. Do you have any suggestions of any other groups like yours that may have alternate dates. Would you consider trying to come up with another trip during a different time period that may pick up others on the same school schedule?

  4. Just checked, ours is March 25-29. Too bad

  5. I love the idea of a trip with other single parents. I have visited the Xcaret park with my daughter before and she loved it! We have also visited Isla Mujeres and rented a golf cart to tour the Island. Lots of beautiful ocean views and diffent styled homes and of course vendors. This would be lots of fun. Where are the prices? Any all inclusive flight plus hotel and transfer pricing?

    • Lori–we do not have air prices published because people will come from different places, but we can certainly include air in the program or you can get it on your own, use points, etc.

  6. has a rate and date been determined for this trip? I do not see it in the details…. :(


  7. OMG!!!! I am ecstatic to have fallen into this website….I am a single mother who is trying ot take my daughter on vacation for spring break. We had Disney World plans but everyone backed out on us at the last minute, so now im trying to figure out something fun for us to do together. Unfortunately I don’t feel that Disney would be fun with just the two of us, she needs a playmate and so do I. lol her spring break is March 11-15….please advise…I didnt see a date for the Mexico trip…But I am a little concerned about going over there at this time…..especially with my child and alone….

  8. I’m widowed with a nine yr old boy. We used to travel to Mexico, Aruba, West Indies, etc. It never cost as much as this trip. We also stayed in Ocho Rios. Can u suggest a way for us to travel with other single parents that is more affordable? I desperately need to get out again

    • Hi Debbie–

      There are many other resorts that are priced lower than this one. We have selected this based on feedback from parents seeking security, and an all inclusive experience. We have traveled to other resorts as well with different price points. Unfortunately, other than a summer Alaskan cruise, our groups are pretty established for the year! I will definitely keep your comment in mind as we develop new ones! Thanks

  9. Hi there – just discovered the site. Such a great idea. How are signups looking for this trip? I might be interested. Also curious how you facilitate people getting to know each other before we arrival at the destination?

    • Hi Jason–

      Right now we have 7 families signed up and we still have some time to get more (or unfortunately lose one or two).

      How we typically handle a pre-meet is via Facebook and create a private group for those who are going. You can get to know one another online there. I will coordinate air schedules and make sure that you are aware of anyone that may be on your flight or a connecting one.

      Finally, on day one, we always have a welcome reception where everyone can introduce themselves if they have not already connected.

      I hope you can join us!

  10. Hi I was wondering how late you would accept reservations for this trip. I wouldn’t be able to put anything down until the end of February….

    • Hi Kit– In late January, we had to return all unsold space to the resort. I am waiting to see if there are any cancellations to get some of it back, but right now the only availability is larger suites that can accomodate up to 10 and will run about twice the quoted price.

      • ok thank you John…I am trying to book something in Jamaica…I read on Sunwings site that all of their “Smile” resorts do not charge single supplement to a parent travelling with a child.

        • I am not familiar with the resorts. Have not visited but a waiver of the supplement is always something we try to get


            have a look at the link above, just under the picture there is an orange box that says the supplement is waived for a parent travelling with a child and up to two kids under 12 are free…seems too good to be true but I am going to investigate further :)

          • It is worth a look. One flag for me is that they call them “their” resorts, but they are just booking into an existing resort (as we are). I was unable to find the contract language, but if I had to guess the under 12 free and the single supplement waiver are independent of one another.

          • John,
            One thing I noticed was I looked under smile resorts in Aruba and the Holiday Inn came up. The reason there would be no single supplement is I would guess is it’s just like a hotel. So you are paying by the room not peeople in the room.

  11. John,

    My daughter and I travel together all the time. Cruises, resorts, etc. I’m surprised you would book a resort with such a lack of beach. Dont people travel this far for a great beach? I was ready to sign up until I saw the tiny beach. Would love to do one of your trips in August but TN schools start back to school the first week of August!!!!

    • The resort does have a man made beach and it is small. I know when I speak to anyone on that, I do count that as a downside. The upside is the pool–or should I say pools. There is alo the access to Xcaret right next door and the property itself. The advantage of the beach is that is is VERY protected and perfect for those kids who may not be as strong a swimmer. We did include a side trip that does have the spectacular beach! But this is a beautiful property and offers a lot more than just a beach.

  12. Hi John,
    What a great idea. I am very interested. I am divorced and I have a five years old. I have been looking for a opportunity like this to travel with my son. Unfortunately, I can’t make it for this trip because our spring break is from April 13-20. Please let me know when is the next trip.

    • Hi Angelica–

      The best way to keep up to speed is to be sure you are on the newsletter. We send it out monthly-ish and the newsletter ALWAYS gets the info first and then it is posted to the site!


  13. Hi there,
    I am interested in this trip but need need more details. Cost is not on the flier? I can’t seem to find rates anywhere on the page? ‘Thanks, R

    • Hi Renee–

      Right now, we have had to return our unsold space for this trip. The price (not including air and insurance) was $1356 for an adult and one child. I did just check for someone and we can get additional space, but it is in a much higher category of room at just shy of 2x the price.

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