Colorado River Rafting June 2013

This summer, Single Parent Travel will venture out west to take in the glory that is Moab, Utah and the Colorado River with a 4 night rafting trip from June 25 to 28.

Surrounded by an immense red rock playground, Moab, Utah is the perfect setting for a kid-friendly family outing–and Western’s Southwest Sampler provides just the right amount of adventure for the whole gang. You’ll get a taste of the “best of the Southwest” on this 4-day, 3-night getaway. First, you’ll spend 2 relaxing nights in luxurious comfort at the Gonzo Inn – the perfect location adjacent to shopping, restaurants, a city walking path, and only one block from the Moab Adventure Center. You’ll explore the wonders of Arches National Park and experience one of Moab, Utah’s most renowned adventures – an off-road Hummer Safari. Top it all off with 2 days of Colorado River rafting plus one night of all-inclusive beach camping and star gazing and you’ll return with endless stories and unforgettable memories.

To view the complete itinerary and see more details, please download this PDF flier.

And of course, we have added in some special SPT goodies as well!

COST: $1232 for an adult and a child (5-17)

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Airfare, insurance, personal expenses.

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30 Responses to “Colorado River Rafting June 2013”

  1. Does the river have white water rapids or is it pretty calm? I’m wondering if my 6 year old would do well on this trip?

  2. John, has there been a lot of interest in this trip? Sounds fun altho a bit hard to get to.

    • Unfortunately, these trips do prove a bit off the beaten path by definition. We have had moderate interest so far with three families booked.

      • Of the families booked, what are the ages of the children going? I am interested but I would prefer it if the other kids going are close to my son’s age.

        • There are 4 families now and the kids are in the 5-10 range. We will be traveling witg others that are not with SPT, so there likely will be others near your son’s age, but I do not have access to that info.

  3. What do you think the water temp will be? Would love to join you – hoping for a good tax return!

  4. Hi I am very interested in this trip and have a daughter who will be shy of 5 by a few months. Just wondering if its possible for me to bring her along. I’ve been wanting to go to Moab for years, haven’t had the time in the past. This looks like a great trip that I would like to join in on. Please let me know. Thanks.

    • Hi Candi–

      Unfortunately, no. The insurance regulations require the minimum age to be 5 on this trip. While the river is certainly calm enough for her to handle it, the supplier has to adhere to the regulations. Sorry :(

  5. Would love LOVE to do this but not if the water temp is that cool. Why not do it later when it would be warmer?

    • It is a combination of availability, pricing, and ability to sell the trip. Many of our families have plans for summer camps that interfere. It is a challenge to accomodate all the different lifestyles, school calendars and all. We try.

  6. After ALOT of consideration, I think the water will be too cold for me :(

    Please let me know if you can do this trip again another time in warmer temps. Thanks.

  7. Hello- I am interested in this trip for my 5 yr old son…Is this a group where everyone has traveled together before? And do the children need to be able to swim?

    • Hi Tonia–

      The group has never traveled together that I am aware of. They do have life vests for the river part of the trip, so an ability to swim is not necessary, but I would say that they cant be fearful of the water…hopefully that makes sense

  8. very interested in this trip depening on flight costs and availability to get time off from work. how do i get the specifics so i can start looking into things and when would the cut off be?

    • Hi Charlene–

      The cutoff is fluid and I will need to return my spaces that are unsold by the end of the month. But I am sure we can get one or two back without too much problem. The deposits are due immediately and the balance is on the 28th of March, so if you end up booking after the 28th, there is no deposit period and the full balance will be due!

      We have a detailed itinerary on this trip and it is being provided by (Western River Expeditions) and you can take a look at their site to see images, etc.

  9. John,
    I just found this link. Trip sounds awesome. Is it too late for me and my 10 yr old?

    • Hi Ed–

      At this point, I can still get a spot back (we had to turn in unsold space a while ago) and the payment in full would be due immediately. However the challenge might be getting there. Depending on where you are and the flights. OR if you would drive.


  10. I, too, just found out about this trip. Too late for us; the kids are already signed up for other things that week. Do you think you’ll organize this trip again next year? If so, how far in advance might you know the dates, so that we can plan the first part of our summer around it. Thanks!

    Also, as an aside: when listing the price of a trip, would it be possible to also list how much it would cost for one parent and two children? Thanks again!

    • Hi there. Due to the interest, we will likely be doing this next year. As for dates, probably late summer.

      Great point on pricing. Consider it done

  11. John, is there still room on this trip? It would be for my 9 year old and me. We did your Turks and Caicos trip a couple of years ago and loved it.


    • Susan. Yes and no. We turned our unsold space back but last time I spoke. To them there was still space available. Payment in full would be due right away but we also need to consider Getting there. Airfare etc

  12. I am also interested in going next year. Especially if you do it late summer when the water will be warmer. Thanks!

  13. Any chance of getting two more spots for my 9-year-old son and me? I just found the website and it sounds great. Thanks.

    • Hi MOnica–

      Yes there are 2 spots left. Since we are close to the trip, there is no deposit period and the balance with taxes and all will be due immediately ($1237.01) We will also need to figure out airfare into Moab etc.

      I am in Vegas right now and will be abck in the office on Thursday. If you can email me with a number and best time to connect, I can call you —


  14. Hi,
    Is thee still room on this trip for two?


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