Beaches Ocho Rios – August 2013

Single Parent Travel Returns For 12th Year!

oceanfront terraceWarning: The pricing we have is likely to increase. Securing you space with a fully refundable deposit will guarantee the price and the best selection of room.

For the 12th year, Single Parent Travel is returning to Beaches resorts from August 10th – 17th! This will be our 12th trip to Beaches Ocho Rios (formerly called Beaches Boscobel). Our Single Parent Travel/Beaches vacation is ALL INCLUSIVE–leave the wallet at home and enjoy the sun, sand and surf. This resort has an expanded  water park–rumored to be the largest in Jamaica. Of course there is a restaurant for every appetite and almost one for each day of the week.

We will have some SPT surprises along the way including a private welcoming reception, group activities and more!

Right now, the price for our available rooms is holding at last year’s levels. Depending on the room classification, it will range from $3292 to $3817 for a family of two for the entire week. Airfare and insurance are optional and other room categories are available.

arizonasThis year, we have grabbed some of their premium rooms which are in the main building and overlook the gardens or the piazza. We have some family suites in the main building (same view) but with a lot more room and a step down living area. If you are looking for an oceanview, we have a Grand Luxe Oceanview in the main building as well as a concierge level Oceanfront Terrace Suite where you are literally steps away from the beach!

For more details and pricing, please download our flier or give me a call at 888-277-8543!

To reserve your spot and guarantee your price, a $400 deposit will do it. It is fully refundable until June 20, 2013 when the balance is due. For anyone that has been to a Sandals or Beaches before, we can arrange a discount for you with their Signature Guest program!

I hope you can join us this year!

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24 Responses to “Beaches Ocho Rios – August 2013”

  1. I think this is meant to be 2013

    • Yes, it was late, my eyes were crossed! I have corrected it! Many thanks for bringing it to my attention!

      • Hi John,
        I’m happy to find your site. Do both the T&C and Ochos Rios have water parks? Also, will you be creating an area for us to “meet” other single parents on FB, who are interested in these trips?

        • Yes both have huge parks. Typically we create a private FB group prior to departure so everyone can pre meet at least electronically

          • Thanks John! Are you able to say how many people are signed up already for the two trips? Thanks!

          • Right now there are 9 families for Jamaica and 12 for Turks. We usually see an influx in May and June as people realize that summer is here.

  2. This looks totally awesome! I’ll put it on my list, sounds like a good time!

  3. This sounds great, but I’m trying to decide between this and Turks & Caicos. Two of us will fly from Washington, DC — which would be an easier and cheaper trip, in your opinion? Both properties sound lovely and I like to save money, but have never been to T&C. Trying to decide if the extrea $ is worth it. Thanks for your help.

    • Hey Kim–

      From DC area there will be non-stop flights to Jamaica but Turks will require a connection. The airfare to Turks will be slightly higher as well. As for the resorts, they have two different personalities. Turks is larger and in a sense more formal and English influenced. Jamaica is more casual and laid back and seems (to me) more authentically Caribbean. Turks has the better beach, and Jamaica’s beach is really very adequate but nothign stellar. Service and amenities are the same other than Turks (because it is larger) will have more.

      I hope you can join us!

  4. Hi John, I e-mailed about putting a deposit down, but haven’t heard back. Did it get caught in the SPAM again? :) Just checking

  5. It looks like turks and ocho rios is the exact same week. Am I reading this wrong?

  6. Hi John:
    Now that Bradley is 7, it may be time for international travel.
    How does Beaches Ocho Rios handle children with food allergies?

    • Hi Madeline–

      They do it very well. There is always made to oder food and just like the Ranch, we will make sure they are aware. I do always suggest reminding them to be safe. I might also suggest that you use caution around the buffets because they may not be as careful in isolating the foods in the prep. Example, while some dish may not have peanuts, it may have been prepared in a bowl that did.


  7. I have never taken a trip with you before and have a 14 year old daughter. We would very much love to do a trip like this but always hesitate going alone because we worry that it just won’t be fun to have to entertain ourselves as we do at home. Going with a group of other single parent families would be wonderful! Is there an itinerary for this trip, or are we on our own once we get there? I know that my daughter will end up making friends and while I will enjoy some me time for a little while, it would be nice to have someone else to talk to during the week. Any info would be great! Thanks!

    • Hi Becky–

      We do have an itinerary with group activities, group dining and group excursions; however, you are always free to participat or not with anything. All of the resort’s activities are also available to you and we do arrange one night for the staff to watch after the kids (and 14 may be old enough to allow her free run) while the adults can have some adult time without the children.

      If you want to pick my brain and learn some more, give me a shout at 888-277-8543 or email

    • Hi, Becky, coming from a perpetual single parent who has been on 6 of SPT’s Caribbean trips in 7 years, I can say you will not be bored or have to entertain yourself! There is always a a huge assortment of other single parents to talk to and hang out with. And, if you’re one for going out, you could arrange to go to Margaritaville in Ocho Rios for a night of dancing and craziness. The kids generally make friends instantly, so you don’t have to worry about entertaining them. My kids are 16 and 13, and they still look forward to going every year.

  8. Hey John I’m interested in going to ocho Rios in Aug. I have a 2 children under 3 years. Do you think this trip will be appropriate for someone like me?

    • Hi Candy–

      Absolutely. We will organize plenty of activities for your group, the resort has an outstanding kids club segregated by ages groups, the resort is secure and safe, and it is mostly inclusive. When you say under 3 years, children under 2 are free. The issue I might see depends on how well they do in a car. The transfer from the airport to the resort is about 90 minutes. Sometimes this can be a challenge after a long flight into Jamaica.

      If you want to talk in more detail, please give me a shout at 888-277-8543

  9. hi there. i have a daughter that is 13 yrs we are very interested in this holiday but would my daughter be way older then the other kids? we are Irish would this mean we would not be able to attend this holiday or is it just for Americans? And where is it flying from and what is the itinary ? many thanks !:)

    • Hi there no it’s certainly is not just for Americans that we do periodically have some Europeans that will come along as well. We would not be able to make arrangements for the airfare from either Dubliner Shannon but that could be handled probably by you. The age group tends to be pretty solid between the seven and 13 1415 range. As far as an itinerary goes we typically don’t settle that down until about a week or two before the trip but we do have several different single-parent travel exclusive activities in addition to everything that’s offered by beaches.


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