Rocking Horse Ranch April 15-17, 2011

Our readers have spoken!  Please join Single Parent Travel as we make our way up tot he Berkshires in New York for a

fabulous weekend of fun, food, and trail rides.

April 15-17, 2011

We are particularly excited about heading up in April this year. We are looking forward to some nice spring weather and some budding green leaves as we ride and hike the trails of the Rocking Horse Ranch.

Your weekend includes your room, meals, and all of your activities including:

  • unlimited trail ridesEuro Bungee at Rocking Horse Ranch
  • pie eating contests
  • bb gun and archery range
  • paddleboats
  • rock climbing walls
  • euro bungee jumping (new)
  • indoor water park
  • fishing
  • mini-golf
  • special Wii room for the kids
  • more

The cost for the weekend is unchanged from November 2010 at $646 for a parent and a child.  Children under 4 are free!

If you are wondering about all the fun you missed last time (or if you want to revisit it), be sure to check out our photo recap and our video recap of the November 2010 trip!

A $200 deposit is required to secure your spot and it is fully refundable up to March 31, 2011.  Please contact us to reserve your spot, or you can do it here online. Please include your name in the remarks field.  For more details, please download our flier.


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37 Responses to “Rocking Horse Ranch April 15-17, 2011”

  1. Hello there – do any Canadians join your trips? Your April trip sounds interesting- I would be coming from the Toronto area.


    • Hi Kim–

      We do have some Canadians but the majority are from the US. The issue we sometimes have is issuing airline tickets originating outside of the US, so you may need to get a ticket locally! I hope you can join us!


  2. This place is great – took my three (girls age 6 and boy age 10) there for a long weekend over the winter break last Feb. All about kids…Lots to do and the staff is great. is anyone signed up for this? I am thinking of doing it – maybe even adding a night. Have never done a trip with this group.

    • Hi Andrea–we will have about 30 to 40 families in our group when all is said and done. The additional night is not an option at this point as they are only open weekends off season–unless they change their minds. And another plus to our group is the special pricing we get. The price includes all the tax and ranch fees and there is no single parent penalty.

      • Is it appropriate for 2-3 year olds? Seems like the activities are for older kids.

        • It is appropriate. Yes, most of the activities are older related, but there are pony rides, a ball pit, the pool, the water park, a craft barn, wagon rides, sing alongs and babysitting (extra cost), etc. There is no charge for kids under 4 aside from a craft fee or babysitting if you decide to use them.


  3. What would the cost be for a single mom with 2 children- age 3 and 6?

    We are also from Canada- but would drive- no need for flight…

    • The cost for two children and one adult is $856 US. $200 deposit is fully refundable till the end of March.

      I hope you can join us!


    • Oops, Laura, I just noticed the 3. If he or she is under 4 at the time of the trip, there is no cost for him or her. So the total cost would be $646. If you needed/desired babysitting there is a fee for that and there is also a daily fee if you wanted to put him/her into the kids craft club. It is reasonable, like $10 a day and covers mostly materials.

  4. I am a single mother of two. One will be 16 and the other eight. What would be my total price for the weekend including tax and tip? Is there a club/bar and if so what is the pricing?

    • Hi Nancy–

      The cost is $856 for the three of you including all taxes, etc. Tips are included as well, but I always suggest that if you feel the waitress, housekeeper, bartender, etc did a good job, giving them a little something extra is a nice thing to do if you can.

      There are two bars at the ranch. Alcoholic (and fancy non-alcoholic) drinks are on your own, but I have to say they are VERY reasonable. Last time I was there my tab for two nights was under $30 and that included some virgin daquiris for my daughter and her friend.

      I hope you guys can join us!


  5. Is transportation to the ranch provided??
    Where/When do you leave from?

    • Hi Lisa–the transportation to the ranch is pretty much on your own. The ranch is convenient to the Poughkeepsie Amtrak station (10 mins) and the New Paltz bus station (10 mins the other direction) and the Stewart Airport (25 mins) and there are reasonable taxi rates. We also have had some luck in getting people picked up by other families on their way–no guarantee but we can certainly try for you!

  6. Do you get flights also? It would be for myself and my 6 year old daughter from Charleston SC.

    • HI Paulette–

      I hate to discourage you, but unless you can extend your trip into the NYC area, it probably does not make sense. The ranch is only open during the week, so you would not be able to arrive a day earlly or stay a day late–so if you could make a jaunt into NYC or maybe Boston or anywhere else in the area, it might make sense. When you consider the amount of time to arrive before a flight, my concern is that you will miss most of the weekend.

      Stewart airport is not the most cost effective airport (it is about 25 mins from the ranch) and you can probably get a better flight into Newark or JFK.

      We can certainly arrange the air for you or if you like, you can do it on your own.

  7. How much would it be for me and my 11/2 year old?

    • Hi Amanda– under 4 is free so the cost for the both of you for the weekend would be $436. They do have a kids camp, but since he is not paying, there woudl be an additional charge if you wanted to put him (or her) in there–I think it is like $4 an hour. John

  8. I have been watching the trips you guys have gone on and am finally able to go…..I would love to do the Rocking Horse Ranch trip with my 12 year old….. can someone tell me where to find a flyer and what the cost would be (including airfare from DC area)….Thanks :)

  9. Howdy John, (corny..I know)
    I am very interested in this trip. what is the usual ratio of single parent moms to dads? I am positive its mostly moms but I am wondering. I am interested either way but its a question I think people are afraid to ask. Thx

    • Bingo Nora! On all trips we are slanted more to the single moms. This trip tends to be even more slanted. If I had to guess, there will be maybe 4 or 5 single dads and 30 to 40 single moms. On a typical trip it balances out about 70/30.

      But I do have to say that single mom or single dad–we always have a great group of people and a lot of great friendships are made!


  10. Hi John,

    Very interested in this trip with my 6 yr old son. I see it is a friday to sunday, what is the normal arrival time for families on that friday/departure on sunday?

    • Hi Tammy–

      You can arrive as early as you like on Friday and stay as late as you like on Sunday. Lunch is not included on Friday nor is dinner on Sunday. I suspect if you are there much before 9am and after 5pm you will get some odd looks. Your room may not be ready until 1pm on Friday, but they can store your luggage and you can use the amenities. And on Sunday, they ask that you vacate the room by noon.


  11. Hi John,
    I was browsing their website and noticed that it is cheaper for kids younger then I think 8 and wondered if that is considered in the pricing?


    • We have negotiated special pricing for this trip that is below what is on their website. Under 4 are free. Children from 4-18 are the same rate. With the ranch directly, there is a single supplement which they will ding you. From their site—rooms are based on double occupancy and for single parents, the first child is charged 80% of the adult rate, subsequent kids are charged the kid rates. You also need to add in the 15% service charge and the 8.8% sales tax. Using their rates for the Main Lodge A room the adult is $225. The first child is $180. That is $405 per night. 2 Nights is $810 and then you add the 15% ($121.50) and the 8.8% ($71.28) it is over $1000. We are at $646.

      I see the age breakdown and this is something new but does not impact this trip. They had a management turnover so I suspect there are some minor tweaks coming.


  12. Hi John,

    Just found out we’re not going away for Easter, so Robbie and I are hoping we might still be able to get in on RHR. Do you still have openings???

    Laura Papera

  13. I just spent this last weekend at the Rocking Horse Ranch, My daughter and I had such a wonderful time, she wants to go back as soon as possible, so going back in April sounds like a wonderful Idea.


  14. Hi, I originally booked my stay there, not knowing about this particular trip, for the 17th-19th, until I found out passover starts the 18th. I’m a single mom with a 7 year old boy and was wondering if there is still room?

    • Hi Wendy–there is and I see you already processed a deposit.. You are all set and should expect a confirmation shortly.

  15. Hi, John,
    Any financial benefit to sharing room with another family? it would total 2 adults and 3 children.

    • Actually not, if we do 1 adult and three children and then add in another adult it is $1504. But if you take an adult and child and an adult and 2 children it is $1502. We can get connecting rooms and you can make it a big old party! Actually I have done that in the past when my daughters bring friends–toss the girls in the one room and my son and I in the other. They can do their girl things and it will nto really bother us too much!

  16. John

    I wanted to know if there is still room on the trip. My Easter plans got cancelled and was thinking about joining in. Are there special group activities or are we on our own while we are there?


    • Hi Melanie–

      There still is room! While you are free to partake in all of the ranch activities, we do set aside a few group activities. We have several tables for dining (dinner), will arrange a group trail ride, we will have a welcoming reception and usually the staff will look after the kids in the water park on Saturday night while the adults meet in the bar for a few hours to mix and mingle with adults!

      Typically, smaller subsections of the group will eat breakfast and lunch together, go to a show, do an activity, etc.

      We do not take over the ranch but are usually the largest group, so you end up seeing members of our group all over the place.


  17. Hi, I’m Yaffa. I just signed up for this trip. I am very excited. It will be me and my 5 year old son Baer!

  18. Hi- we are excited to be heading that way April 21-23rd! Anyone joining us? I’m a single mom with 2 kids, 5 and 8. We just got new cowboy boots and are counting down the days! Any advice for a first tripper?

    • Sorry we will miss you. Tips…if you feel comfortable on the horses, move up a notch to intermediate or advanced–the rides are much more enjoyable. If you have never seen it, take an hour and visit the Walkway Over The Hudson–it is a 10 minute drive from the Ranch and it is spectacular. Dress for the weather. Completely casual, and leave a lot of the rules at home!

      Have fun!

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