Rocking Horse Ranch — November 12-14, 2010

Return To An Old Favorite

Can you think of a better way to unwind than riding the trails? Maybe paddling in a serene lake? A little mini-golf? Or how about a relaxing swim in an indoor pool? A hike on miles of marked trails? You name it and you can probably do it at the Rocking Horse Ranch. As an added bonus, it is just before Thanksgiving–so you can have a weekend to relax before the frenetic pace of the holidays sets in.

We considered another location, but without having the benefit of an actual site visit, we opted to remain at the Rocking Horse Ranch for this trip.  We do pride ourselves on delivering a quality travel experience at a reasonable price. For now, we’d rather be safe than sorry!

As with all of our trips to the ranch, your weekend will include all meals, all activities, and gratuities. Alcohol, individual babysitting, spa treatments, and camp for children under 4 are additional and all optional.

Here is a video (my apologies for the unsteady hand and the monotonous music–I have learned a lot since then) of our trip in November 2009–we did have a day of rain, but it did not dampen our spirits!

Reserve early to confirm a spot in the Main Lodge.

  • Adult and child  $646.00
  • Adult and two children $856.00
  • Adult and three children $1066.00


Your name (Important) :

You can download a copy of the flyer here.

In the past, some people have wondered how much better our pricing is for the weekend. In short–a lot.  If you look at the ranch’s website, their pricing is based on double occupancy per night. For single parents, they offer a child (as the second adult) at 80% off per night and additional children are $80 and $75 per night. To this total, you need to add the resort’s 15% service fee and the new York State sales tax of 8.8%.  Here is how it breaks out.

1 Parent And 1 Child For 2 Nights
Friday Night Adult 190.00 Included
Friday Night Child 152.00 Included
Saturday Night Adult 190.00 Included
Saturday Night Child 152.00 Included
SUBTOTAL 684.00 Included
15% Service Fee 102.60 Included
8.8% Sales Tax 69.22 Included
TOTAL 855.82 615.00
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31 Responses to “Rocking Horse Ranch — November 12-14, 2010”

  1. Where is the Rocking Horse Ranch???

  2. What a great idea for a single parents’ trip! Is the Rocking Horse Ranck Weekend sold out yet? I have a 4-year-old son and I think that he would enjoy this weekend. My little guy has food allergies. As a result, when we travel, I ask if for lunches & dinners, the kitchen can prepare baked chicken, baked fish, baked pork or baked turkey (meats), a white or sweet potato (carbs) and any steamed vegetable (excluding peas or soybeans). Do they accomodate food allergies at the Rocking Horse Ranch or are all of the meals buffet style? I hope to hear from you this week…Have a great Monday!

  3. Is the Rocking Horse Ranch trip filled yet? I also have a four year old boy who would enjoy this!

  4. when do you need money for rocking horse ranch?

    • Hi Liz–

      The deposit is fully refundable till October 31 and I recommend that the sooner the better. We have held a TOTAL of 40 rooms at this point (we MAY be able to add more later) and 30 of them are in the main lodge. 10 are in the Oklahoma Building which is a separate building with smaller rooms and involves about a 100′ walk to get to the main lodge (night club, bars, lounge, indoor pool, spas, dining, game room, etc).

  5. Hi John:
    This trip sounds awesome! How does the individual babysitting program work? My little guy will be asleep soundly by 9 PM on Friday and Saturday. How far in advance would a parent need to book a babysitter from 9 to 10:30 PM in order to enjoy some relaxation with the adults?

    • HI Madeline-

      Private sitting can be arranged at the front desk during the day. They maintain a “stable” of sitters on call so getting one is never an issue. Don’t quote me, but I believe the rate is $5/hour per kid.

  6. Does anyone know if there will be any older kids? I have an 11-year-old.

    • ALison–the bulk of our kids are between 7 and 14 so your son will fit right in there. We do have older and younger, but the main age range is the 7-14. I have not done a list yet of the exact ages, but I do know of three 11 year olds for sure!

  7. I also have a 4 year old son and have been thinking about this trip but I wasn’t sure if there would be other kids his age. Madeline or Minxie – have you signed up? Or John can you tell me if there will be any other kids in that age range?

    • Hi Barbara–we do have some younger ones on this trip and usually do. I have not done looked over the kid age list just yet, but the bulk of kids are in the 6 to 14 range on this trip with some younger and older. Currently we have abotu 9 rooms left in the main lodge befroe we shift to the Oklahoma Building.

      I hope you can join us!

  8. Hi John. I’m wondering if you could get an additional discount for 2 parents and 2 kids sharing a room. My daughter and I went in March and had a room with 2 double beds and bunkbeds, and would like to share the room with another single parent and child. Thanks!

    • Actually, you lose the pricing structure we negotiated and it doubles the cost but lets you have half the space. Strange, but true. I can certainly get connecting rooms–that is not an issue.

  9. When is check-in for the weekend – before dinner or after dinner on Friday?

    • Hi Kelly–
      You can arrive anytime on Friday and check out anytime on Sunday and have full use of the facilities. Lunch is NOT included on Friday but is available for purchase (burger and hot dog type fare) at the lobby bar.

      The Friday dinners are scheduled for 6pm and 730pm and we will have large tables at both seatings. We will have a welcome reception sometime on Friday as well and this time I think we may try it after the late dinner around 8pm. We have doone it at 4pm and too early for some, tried it between the dinners and ended up missing a bunch.

      If you have any more questions, please give me a shout at


  10. Hello again! I’m interested, what’s the cost of the weekend there?

    • Hi Maria–

      * Adult and child $646.00
      * Adult and two children $856.00
      * Adult and three children $1066.00

      A $200 deposit is needed to secure your spot and it is refundable until the end of October

  11. Thank John! Another question is what are we going to do as a group?

  12. @Maria–

    We will have a group welcome reception. We have group dining for dinner and many families end up dining together for breakfast and lunch. We will schedule a group trail ride and the adults will have a few hours of adults only time on Saturday night.

    There are plenty of other events happening around the ranch and usually there are smaller sub-groups of families that will hang together and go swimming, go hiking, rock climbing wall, etc.

  13. Hi John,

    I just found out I don’t have to travel for work that weekend, so Robbie and I can go!! Yee ha!!! Do you still have openings???

    Laura Papera

    • YEs Laura—we will have room in the main lodge. There are a very few rooms left. LOoking forward to seeing you again!

  14. How do i get my deposit to you???


  15. Is rocking horse ranch all full?

  16. Marcella McMurrin Reply 25. Oct, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    Hello I am interested in participating in this event but currently I dont drive. Do you know how I can get there from New York City

  17. I took my 2 boys(ages 12 and 16) to Rocking Horse Ranch for a few days over the summer and we had a GREAT time! There is so many activities for them. They were always busy and never bored. It also gave me a little peace to read.

    We are going to try to go back for a few days during the winter.


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