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Piercings At 12

belly buttonA friend of my youngest daughter just got her belly button pierced. To make it worse, she did it herself! Now my kids are not into piercing anything, including ears so there is no interest.

I understand the allure of teenagers and young adults but this girl is just 12. Now I have always said that if the worst thing my kids do is color their hair, get a tattoo and pierce themselves, I am probably ahead of the game.  But at 12, I am thinking way too young.

What do you think? Too young?

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  1. Randine says:

    I am not sure the difference between the navel and ears or any other body part. A piercing is a piercing. It should be a choice made by the person wearing them though.
    Piercing your child’s/baby’s ears is much more of a violation in my books.

    It is their body so their choice as long as it is made after education.

    I would much rather take the child to a professional piercing studio than have them do it themselves because I had refused them.

  2. Cookie Monster says:

    im 12 and im gettin mi belly button pierced tomorrow and im really scared… in a honest oppinion does it hurt??? because my bestfriend is coming with me because she went with her sister to get hers done. but honestly does it hurt?

  3. ashley says:

    im 13. my mom didnt want me gettiing it done but i have wanted it done since i was 7 cause i always thought it was pretty. im not getting it done becasue people at my school are getting it done im getting it done becasue im a teenager i know its permanent and it will leave a scar if i take it out. plus your daughter might say she doesnt want to get it done because she might think you will say no so she doesnt bother and if thats the case if she really wants it she will do it herself and that is alot more dangerous than getting it done at a profesional parlor. me and my mom made a deal that if i dont have any d’s and f’s on my final report card of the year than i get to get it on my 14th birthday. on june 3rd.

  4. Haley says:

    Im thirteen and my grandma (who i live with) told me as a privilege i can get it done my 14th birthday. I think it ok and i mean it doesnt symbolize like protstution or anything. Believe me i am a good girl and would never do something degrading to my body.

  5. marissa says:

    well im 11 and im gettin it dne tommoro but i dont where to go . because i heard some people wont pierce it when your this young?

  6. 12YEAROLD D.I.Y ALOT says:

    your skin is still soft at 12 thats why they wait toll 16 because you have a higher risk of haveing the earing ripped out when your sleeping ,swimming ect. IM TELLING YOU from my expierence im 12 ive dont all 4 holes in my ear plus my cartlig and i gauge my own ears i pierced my septum today!

  7. Laura says:

    I got mine at 18. There’s a reason most laws day you can’t get it done until 18. At 12 no one is done growing. The piercing could migrate or reject as the child grows and then the scarring would be even worse.

  8. Cindy says:

    im 18 and i just got my belly button pierced and this girl did at age 12 by herself! not safe at all.. i mean is not bad that she did it at her age but at least she could of done it with some one proffesional and with her parents permission because i mean is to young but at that age most of the girls want it cause they think its cute.

  9. Lexi says:

    Ear percings are ok around ages 8-whatever but belly percings are ok when you are around 16.

  10. Name (required) says:

    Im 12 and they let me get mine at pagoda

  11. Maggiie says:

    I’m 13. And I’ve got my belly, lip, and nose done. As well as my lobes. I don’t see anything wrong with piercings as long as you takes care of them. :3

  12. Name (required) says:


  13. lily says:

    do they have pagonda in canada what ever i think its fine

  14. Lisa Loves Anime says:

    Im 13….I have my eyebrow, nose, 2 piercings on my ears AND my belly button pierced. Also i have my ears stretched, highest is 12mm then 10mm on the other side, and the upper lobe’s are 4.5mm.

    My mum offered me to get my belly button pierced XD

    It really depends on the amount of piercings they have, if they care for them and what type of piercing it is really ^^
    Piercings like: Cheek, anti-eyebrow, hips and especially Genitals O.O etc and I’m not so keen in the septum are one either, that mabey should be left for a different stage of life ….

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Okay well I’m 13 , and I’m going to get my friend to do it for me with a legit gun so I mean as long as it doesnt get infected, let her do it, she’s gonna want one eventually and you can’t stop her .

  16. Diana says:

    I don’t think it is too young, at least (or I hope) she doesn’t dress to old for her age or something like that…. but you know what YOLO so it’s ok, let her experience stuff because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! 🙂

  17. kimmi says:

    Im almost 17 and i just got mine done last month.. I do think 12 is way to young.. I was 6 when i got my ears done and 12 when i got my second piercing on my ear lobes. Now that im in college classes my parents decided it was okay to let me have it done. And even though i wanted it then i think its better that they didnt let me.. Plus piercings are addicting.. And i disagree with people who say to let her choose.. Shes 12 and in what 7 grade? Shes too young to look at the long term effects of having one.. I am a very smart person and even at that age i probably wouldnt have taken that great of care of it… But in the end it is YOUR decision and no one elses. Only you know your daughter and know if its a good idea for her.. I persinally feel she is too young, just for the fact that it gets caught o everything! And if shes into sports and playing around it could easily get pulled on and out.. That hurts so bad! So just weigh the pros and cons (:

  18. Name (required) says:

    I’m getting mine for my b-day I’m turning 12

  19. Candy says:

    Im 10 n I’ve got mine

  20. Hayley says:

    Im 14 and i went to get mine pierced for my birthday (1st jan) but my parents would only let me get it pierced if i went to a certain place because they seemed more friendly and clean.So i went to get it pierced and the lady told me i was to skinny but she could pierce it for me and she explained that because im still growing it could have a few problems and that it may scar so i decided to wait and go back at least 6 months later.So now im getting it done in a few weeks time.So i think that it shouldnt be taken too lightly because it will be there forever so maybe wait a little longer till they can stand on there own two feet without wanting it because there friends have it or because of peer pressure.

  21. Colleen says:

    Twelve is way too young. You notice that the people saying they think it’s okay are around that age. Parents rarely allow it, and for good reason. It’s risky for several reasons and in bad taste and bad parenting to sexualize a child like that. I’m 20 and think it’s a bad idea, even for myself, and I’m plenty capable of making my own decisions.

  22. Bri says:

    You can get it done at walmart as long as u have ur parents with u 🙂 i got both of mine done with my friends mom and i didn’t even have a note but she told the lady that i was her daughter and she signed tha papers…….. but it ok bc my mom knew lol

  23. Naiya says:

    I think it’s fine I got mine at 13 with my mom as a present an I couldn’t be any happier I love mine an it’s something that makes you feel better about yourself

  24. Morgan :) says:

    Walmart!!! It’s 26 dollars where I live in Alabama and I got mine done when I was 11 I’m 12 now and also if u want another its free u just bring the thing back and Claire’s is to high anyway :L

  25. Danielle says:

    so what my 10 year old got hers done and she loves take responsible of it and she cleans it so yeah i’m happy but now my young 2 want one i told wait until yur 10

  26. Name (required) says:


  27. ????? says:

    You have the worst grammar ever just saying.

  28. Bob says:

    I think its fine to have it at that age

  29. Name (required) says:

    yaaaa same i was sooo annoyed i really want to get my done and im 12 too.i have 3 piercings in each ear but i still want my cartilage pierced ughhh…..

  30. amanda says:

    No im only 12 & my mom let me get mine done but they just need to make sure they know how to take care of it &know not to play with it or nothing like that theres nothing wrong with it really as long as they know what theyre doin but the thing i dont think is right is that she did it herself i wanted it bad but i WOULD NOT do that its wayyy to risky cause proven fact 93% of peircing infections are because of people do it theyre self when theyre not a professional

  31. hannah says:

    I got my belly button pierced when I was 10 and my nose at 11. right now I am 14 and took my nose ring out. I just kinda grew out of it. my belly button ring on the other hand I just find cute and adorable! I do not think 12 is to young but if you are to let her get her belly button pierced make sure it is professionally.

  32. alexis says:

    No one is going to take your comment seriously if you do not know how to spell half the words you type

  33. Anonymous says:

    I got mine at peircing pagoda

  34. Kirsten says:

    I just wanted to know if u can pierce ur belly at 11
    Just that my mum will say no cuz it’s the place where it imbicall cord was and she thinks umma die but it’s above the naval and yeah
    Just that its my body and my mom and I (I’m ten I’m turning 11 at 11/03/2013) were going to get our nose done the day before school starts at 8/27 but yeah I wish she can understand that it’s my body and god and I can judge my body and yeah
    Plz reply to help me

    Pierced my first hole at 3
    My second 10
    Stretched my first hole to size 8 at ten
    Wanting: belly anti-eyebrow lip tounge and nose

  35. Millie says:

    I’m 15 and I think that maybe around 14 (depending on the girl, if shes mature or not) would be the youngest that she should be getting it done. Although I do understand why she would want it done, I was the same x

  36. Name (required) says:

    thats what i ALWAYS say! but everyone says your too young

  37. Rebecca says:

    A few notes…
    1) If you’re not old enough to use proper grammar, you are too young to make such a life-changing decision as having a piercing done
    2) When I was 12 years old, I was fascinated by piercings. My mom was dead set against them, however, that didn’t stop me from trying them on myself. I tried my nose, belly button, and cartilage, and did damage and left scarring for each. I succeeded with doubles in my ears and kept them for about 4 months, hidden from my mom. However, I eventually took them out because I was tired of hiding them and feeling guilty about it. The initial “wow” factor and attention from my peers had worn off, and it just wasn’t worth it anymore.
    3) I am now 21 and just got my belly button pierced at a professional studio for my birthday. I’d had it done once before, about a year ago but it didn’t turn out well because I was at a slightly higher weight and didn’t have a very good piercer, so I took it out after a week.

    I am beyond glad that I didn’t get any of the piercings I coveted when I was younger (12-13). Now that I am old enough, I can meditate carefully on the pros and cons about having any body piercings, and make informed decisions about my body and what I want done to it. When you are young (early teens), there is so much going on – peer pressure, hormones, a desire to look “cool” or stand out somehow…it’s too much. Believe me when I say that is NOT the age to be making decisions about permanent changes to your body. Your parents DO know a thing or two when they tell you “no”…and if they don’t tell you “no”, then that is NOT good parenting! Waiting until you are more mature and can make such decisions with a CLEAR mind, fully aware of pros and cons, is the absolute best choice you can make – and the best gift you can give yourself.
    Oh, and do NOT write me off! I know very well how it feels to be 12 or 13 and think you are self-aware and are capable of making these decisions. I was an extremely intelligent and extremely mature-for-my-age young teen, but even so I look back on my mindsets and my decisions and I CRINGE. You have SO MUCH growing up still to do and you aren’t even capable of realizing it. That’s no slight on you – your brain simply isn’t done growing yet! So…do yourself a favor and wait. Trust me, you will feel so much more fulfilled using your mind and your personality to make friends and grow, rather than cheap attention-getting tricks like piercings.

  38. Ciara says:

    My mom died when I was young so my dad has been getting used to having a teenager in the house. I’m fifteen (a sophomore in high school), a cheerleader, I dance, and I’m in show choir. Being involved in so many activities I’m around a lot of different types of people. A lot of my friends have gotten their belly button pierced and I want one so bad! But, I know that I shouldn’t get one because every time I get a piercing it gets infected no matter what. Eventually the infection goes away, but still an infected belly button is dangerous and just plain gross. I think that the MINIMUM age for a belly button piercing is 16. I’ve been asking my dad to get a tattoo that would symbolize my mom but he keeps saying I have to wait until I’m sixteen which is understandable. At the age of 12 kids think that one thing is so incredibly awesome but the next minute they hate it. I think 12 is too young.

  39. Stephanie says:

    Lol I’m 12 and I’ve dyed my hair 3 times beach blonde,ginger,and popping red and I also have my 2th hole and my nose pierced and next year I’m getting a tattoo

  40. Name (required) says:

    For real ya gotta deal with it I’m 12 and I want a belly piercing and my cuzin got hers when she was 9 so gtfoh our children lives bc you’ve wished to had a pig racing our age too so if ya don’t wanna support us than stfu and don’t say shit that I you very much and thx for supporting us Selena!

  41. Destiny says:

    Your wrong

  42. katelyn says:

    My mom said I can get my bellie

    done I’m 14 were can I get it done

  43. corennia says:

    what state can you have this done at age 12 my daughter wants it done. Oklahoma you have to be 16

  44. Haley says:

    It All Falls On How Responsible Your Child Is . I Got Mine Done At 14 They Said That’s Still Kinda Young Only Because My Body Is Still Developing . But I Was Very Responsible And Trust Worthy So They Let Me Get It Pierced .

  45. Haley says:

    Well It Kinda Is Cause They Over Rule You , I Got Mine Done At 14 And I’m 17 Now

  46. Jerzi says:

    Did anyone judge u for getting it at such a young age I want to get mine done and I’ll be 12 next week and I really want mine done but I feel like people would judge me. So I would like to know your opinion on if I should or not. Also I have a few questions. How bad did it hurt and did u have to like bug your mom or dad to actually let u get your belly button pierced?

  47. Dani says:

    I think its not too young, and if they don’t like the piercing, they can take it out. Or they can pay for the piercing themselves, I would suggest that the parent and child discus payment and/or chores to raise money.

  48. Name (required) says:

    My mom is a traditional crazy Hispanic mom mixed with an Asian strictness, which means…yes, she is crazy strict and she would not let me get my navel pierced. Therefore, I took matters into my own hands and pierced my own navel 2 years ago when I was 16, which resulted in rejection 6 months later. I deeply, deeply regret it because once the piercing rejects once, it has a high likelihood of doing so again. I got my navel repierced by a professional just 2 months ago and my piercing is rejecting again. I was a stupid, immature teenager and just like you girls out there, I wanted it badly because it looked cute. So, lesson learned:

    1) Think it through (pros and cons) before getting it
    2) Never rush it, it is better to wait until you’re old enough
    3) Listen to your parents when they say “no” because they’ve lived longer than you so they know more
    4) Never do it yourself or let friends do it for you, it is very risky
    5) Take it from my experience, because I wish I wasn’t so stupid to do it myself, and fuck up my body.

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