Piercings At 12

belly buttonA friend of my youngest daughter just got her belly button pierced. To make it worse, she did it herself! Now my kids are not into piercing anything, including ears so there is no interest.

I understand the allure of teenagers and young adults but this girl is just 12. Now I have always said that if the worst thing my kids do is color their hair, get a tattoo and pierce themselves, I am probably ahead of the game.  But at 12, I am thinking way too young.

What do you think? Too young?

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204 Responses to “Piercings At 12”

  1. heey!!!1
    im 12 and i want mine done soooooo bad and my mum said its up to me and can get it done if i want.
    dear parents,
    it isnt your body so it isnt your choice!!!! let her get it done if she wants it cause “your only young once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • Hello! I just got mine done PROFESSIONALLY at 13 years old, i’ve researched alot about people saying girls my age would regret it. I LOVE MINE. i’m very active and i put a big bandaid over it when i play. I’ve had no problems with it so far and I’m very very cautious about cleaning it. its perfect. however, doing it yourself is very dangerous, a friend of a friend struck a major artery trying to pierce her belly herself. good luck!

    • thank u some one who under stands me should i get mine done perfonial

    • I got mines done when I was 10 years old, theres nothing wrong with it, if you want it you should get it done 🙂

      • OUCH! Please tell me where you got it done,if it hurt,if you ever regreted it,if you still have it,and how old you are now. please please plese respond…I NEED TO KNOW!!

        • I just did mine yesturday by my self and it did not hurt at all but now it hurts i am 12 going on 13 in march and i am going to do my cuzins todat

      • OUCH! Please tell me where you got it done,if it hurt,if you ever regreted it,if you still have it,and how old you are now. please please plese respond…I NEED TO KNOW!!

    • leah hickinbottom Reply 16. Oct, 2011 at 12:10 pm

      Hi just got mine done it dosent hert just think of it as a needle through arm ill show u a pic of mine xxx


    • i want belly butttton PEIRCED Reply 07. Dec, 2011 at 10:28 am


    • I want mine done a lot 2 I’m 12 also but my mom says I’m in for it if I even tell her I want one done

    • well im 12 and i want to get one for my 13th bday how do i get my mom to let me go get one?

    • Well It Kinda Is Cause They Over Rule You , I Got Mine Done At 14 And I’m 17 Now

  2. I am 12 and I have my ears pierced, my second holes, and my cartilage pierced. Having your belly button pierced at 12 is WAY to young. She will want to “Flaunt” her new belly button piercing in short shirts that show her stomach. Why sexualize a 12 year old? If this girl really wanted to get it done, and if her parents were responsible, they should have made her wait until she was at least 16. She will probably wish she didn’t get it done a few weeks later because most people get infections. She also wont be able to play sports with it in because it could get ripped out.

    • hey where id u get your cartilage pierced. i really want mine pierced but cant find a store where they let me get it done at a early age

    • you know, i am 12 and i want a bely button piercing but my parents wont let me. wanna know why? the same reason you think its wrong to pierce your belly button at 12. you are not sexualizing yourself unless you are wear skimpy clothes to show it off i have to yet convince them because they dont get that.
      oh, and BTW
      you should not have a say on what someone wants to their body. if they know they can get screwed and they still want it, give it to them. even if they dont it wont affect you so if they get screwed, good for them its not your problem

  3. Hey im 12 and im not sure.. I have mine but im thinking of taking it out cause i periced mine myself its very red and stuff… I say dont let her. Have it because i know alot of girls with theres periced and everyone calls them slutss. And makes fun of them. I want to take mine out > . <

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  5. I’m 12 Year’s Old, And I Have My Ear’s Gauged, I Actually Want Spider Bite’s, I Don’t Like Belly Piercing’s, My Problem Is, I’m Scared To Ask My Dad, I’ve Already Asked My Mom She Said “Maby But You Gotta Ask Your Dad.” And There Is Nothing Wrong With Having Something Pierced, You Can Always Take It Out.. Doing It Yourself Is Retarded Though.. Js.

  6. huya i want my belly pierced sooooo much!!!! my mum said msybe but with the sport i do i could injure myself!!! -_- not too sure!! xxx

  7. well im just letting you know that any good piercing place wont pierce your bellybutton till your at least 15 some places 16

  8. – I’m 15, and i think that youre 100% right. when youre 12 youre not capable of making logical decisions ! and the desicions you make at 12 you may probably regret when your 21. And, Haveing Your Belly button Peirced May Attract Negative Attention, a 12 Year Old WSith a Belly Button pericing May Make Her Come Off To Older Men As 16, Just Saying. Its Not a Good Idea ; Your Belly Button ISnt Going ANywhere.. Just Wait

    • OK I agree with like everything you said except that 12 year olds can,t make logical decisions. i mean yeah we’re not logical about every single situation but we CAN make at least some logical decisions. Seriously give us some credit…’cause we’re not invalids. Im 12 and im NOT stupid. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t wanna make any mayjor life changing dcisions or anything but i can handle the decisions that im facing today as a 12 year old, and as a 12 year old im saying next time think before you talk and give credit where credit is due!

  9. im 12 and i want my bellybutton pierced really badly. my mom said it was up to my dad but he was no help. I know were really young to have it done but its our body and if it gets infected or anything then thats our own fault and we have to learn from our expieriences and im a cheerleader so i know what the risks are but is not changing me opion, because the majority of people i know have it done

  10. LET HER GET IT!!! I’m 12 and have mine done!

  11. ya im 12 and my mom was going to do it but we dident have a sharp enought needle soo im tring to find out if u can get it done perfesionally at 12 plzz comment

  12. I’m 12 and i want mine pierced, my dad said ok and my mom is almost there. So im probably getting it done in a week. soo yeah its her decision, so let her have it!

  13. Well to me I think 12 is way to young to get a bellybutton pierced but I’m 12 and I do want mine pierced eventually . And for all the 12 year olds that do have theirs , get over yourself cuz no one can see it and your parents obviously don’t give a crap about you

  14. I’m 12 and I won’t mine done but my mom said maybe I hope I get it when I turn 13wich is sooooonnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Im 12 and i have my tongue pierced so there is nothing wrong with getting a belly button piercing. Im also getting my nose pierced in thursday. Sooo yeah

  16. I’m 14 im all for piercing. Go ahead girl you only live once! Do it!!! im trying to get my tounge pierced imight do it myslef cause i go to classes after school to teach you how to pierce the right and safe way. if you know what your doing GO FOR IT!!


    • Are you effing kidding me. You’re 14 and telling a 12 year old to go home and pierce their bellybutton themselves if they feel they can do it? Any parent who lets their 11 or 12 year old get ANYTHING other than their ears pierced obviously isn’t a good parent. And piercing your tongue yourself is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life. You can hit a vein and bleed to death or hit a nerve and paralyze your tongue. Don’t be retarded. And all you 12 year olds, you don’t need your bellybutton pierced yet. I’m 17 and trust me, it doesn’t make you look cool. Not at 12. Never let a 12 year old get their belly pierced. That’s just showing them they can do whatever they want.

  17. im 10 and i have my ears pierced two holes i would not get my belly button peirced at twelve tho im gunna get mine done when im six teen so i say shes too young and its a bad idea

  18. ok so, i got mine at 13 so when i was that age i didnt care but, it hurts like a son a a (beep) sure get it next year

  19. I got mine done when I was 14, a freshman in high school. 12 is still pretty young, I was in 7th grade.. but in our society, a lot of kids know a lot more than we did when we were at their age. I’m turning 18 next month, I say 12 is a little too young. Make her wait at least one or two more years. I remember some girl back in middle school got her bellybutton pierced when she was 12, it was cool and all but not every girl was thinking of piercings. It also depends who you associate yourself with or what town you live in. When I was 13, I moved to a different town and almost all the girls had their bellybutton done! To be honest, they seem young but they know a lot. I remember when I was 13, some girl was pregnant – no one thought TOO much about it, we knew it was bad, but it was like whatever, I brushed it off as if I just found out some 17 year old was pregnant. Every generation is exposed to new things at younger ages.. I personally don’t think it’s a huge deal because we may think they’re still babies, I do, but when I think back to when I was 12, I felt older and knew a lot. Just make sure she cares for it and doesn’t change it for at least a year and it should be fine. Age is just a number

  20. i am 12 i want mine done and i asked my mom about it she did really say i couldnt and she didnt say i could she just wondered if there was a certain age cause one of my friends sis had hers done when she was in 7th and i am going to be in 7th this year,my sis wants to get hers done to so i was wondering if my mom would let us get them done at the same time….any comments

  21. i’m 12 years old i have my ears pierced and double holes i am going to get my cartilage pierced tomorrow my parents say it’s ok. as long as you understand the risks and it’s a place where you don’t see it. After all it’s not permament unlike gauging your ears and tatoos.

  22. I am 12 and I want my belly Pierced soooooooooo baddly but I asked My mom like 4 times she said yes the 1st the 2nd the 3rd and the 4th time she said she would take me but she never did she has doudts about it bcuz my grandmother usedto life in Dominican republic soo over there girls that have belly piercings are most sluts but that’s what she says 🙁 , I really want it pierced but how should I convince my mom completely 100%

  23. hi
    i think that girl haz all the rights to. i am abig fan of piercings.my daughter who is 10 has her ears pierced 2 and left ear cartalege, her nose and belly. i think it looks cute on her.
    me, i have my ears(7 in each ear),nose,belly(2), nipples and pv
    its her body- her choise

  24. i want my belly pierced i have 2 ear pierced and tounge and above eye and nose it didnt hurt im only 13

    • Also I’m 10 years old and I want it soooooooo bad I don’t know how to tell my mom

      • want mine peirced but my mom said that people would call me a whore and stoff like tHAT. sHE SAID AS LONG AS I LIVE UNDER HER ROOF I CANT GET ONE BUT I WANT ONE SOOOOO BADLY. :'(

  25. I’m so sorry that all you 12 and 13 year olds are in such a hurry to grow up! Getting your belly pierced isn’t such a big deal — on the surface — but it really IS a big deal in terms of accepting total responsibility for your self. Those of you who say “It’s her body, let her do it” — well, should a parent let a 12 year old have sex…??? or worse, take her to have sex???? Following your reasoning (that it is the child’s body) the answer would be “YES” — a parent should allow sex at 12 or 13 if it is what the child wants — in fact they should take them to have sex! Bad, BAD idea girls. As you grow up for real, you will realize that your brain is not fully developed until the early 20s and even then, your attitudes and desires will change throughout your life. Leave the piercings alone — and those tatoos on the lower back (tramp stamps)? Think how they’ll look when you are in your 50s. Just my opinion.


    • I think if a 12 or 13 year old want to have sex they can as long as they know protection is always best before doing it. And there is onthing wrong with getting your bellybotton pierced my friend done mine with a needle and nothing has happened yet sooo who cares let them be they’re gonna have to grow up sooner or later.

  26. I’m 12 and I got my tongue pierced, my belly button pierced, and 5 in each ear and getting my ears gauged soon. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that

  27. i really want my belly button pieredd and my mom said yes but we cant find any one to do it cause i am only 11 and it sucks i asked like 13 differ peope any ideas for ogensburg ny

  28. I’m 12 (Turning 13 in 3 months), and I want to get a navel piercing.
    I don’t see anything wrong with it. I mean it’s just a piercing, its not a tattoo, or anything like that.
    But when I ask my mom, she starts yelling at me. The reason I can’t get it is because “I’m too young,and she is the parent”. Apparently, a lot of girls my age are now getting belly piercings. Even my friend who happens to be younger than me has one. But my mom still says no.(-.-“). She said I can’t get one until I move out. Personally, I believe this is unfair. We should have some control over our own bodies. We should be able to have piercings.

  29. No, it DOES matter Reply 26. Sep, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    Ok personally no she shouldn’t get her bellybutton pierced because u never know when a child is playing they can easil be hurt without the piercings to add to it. I was at volleyball practice yesterday and my cousin went to spike it and the whole ring and bellybutton got ripped out of her. She was screaming and we had to call an ambulance to come get her. The ring and bellybutton were laying on the gym floor. It was nasty and she last 17% of her blood. Pleas keep her in your prayers!!


  31. I am ten and I really want mine pierced 🙂

  32. Really? Why would you take your daughter to have sex!? It’s her body!

  33. lol at little kids trying to spell.

  34. I’m 13 and for a while I’ve wanted my belly button pierced but after reading some of these comments. I’m gonna wait! I’m a gymnast so I’m just afraid that it’s gonna rip out 3 weeks after I get it! I would wait!!! If you get it done get it professionally done. My friend did it herself and it got screwed up badly!!!

  35. Well im 16 and i have my ears pierced 5 times and my belly pierced..i think its too young!! she should wait she has had time to grow up a little more and enjoy the simpler things in life!

  36. I want mine done so bad I’m 12 and I’m getting mine done at the age 13

  37. Nooooo! To young to be getting your belly button pearce ya. Need to stop cuz I don’t heven have mine Pearce so y In the hall will 12 and 13 year olds get there pearce and im 18 I’m going to geve it to you strate like this ya bitchs need to stop like cum on

    Pap lol it cute but but gust get older 🙂

  38. my best friend is making me jealous by having a peircing at the top of her ear .. now she wants a belly button ?! WOWW !! is she too young to have one ? and she’s only 10 and im 12 ..

  39. stupidssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss im 12 thats discusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I’ll play mommy dearest for the moment and tell all of the children posting on here NO you can not get ANY piercing. I know from personal experience that piercings are hard to take care of as an adult and children are not capable of taking care of them. It’s not just a hole in your body. They require certain anti bacterial sprays that you would expect your parents to buy and if they are not properly taken care of, the infection rate is high. Some people are even allergic to the metal that the tattoo artist will use and sometimes it rejects itself through your skin. What do I mean by that? I mean that it physically forces itself to the top of your skin. When you get a belly button pierced it’s about 1/2 an inch deep. If you’re allergic to the metal it will force itself OUT of your skin. Does that sound like something you want to experience at 12? I didn’t think so. I had my labret pierced. The skin on the inside decided to grow over the back of the stud. Do you know how I got it out? It had to be cut out. Do you want to experience that? I didn’t think so. The fact of the matter is at 12 you are NOT responsible. What’s next do you want a tattoo that you feel your parents should let you get? Let’s pretend there aren’t laws for that for a second. I guarantee you WOULD regret it within 5 years. Stop trying to grow up so fast. As for the little girls using the words “sexualize”, you shouldn’t even say that word because you don’t understand what it means. If I was your mother, we would have a very long chat.

  41. Judging from all these comments, a lot of 12 year olds have their bellybuttons pierced. I’m 16, and when I was 12, the girls with those piercings were instantly named sluts. Most girls still didn’t have their ears pierced. It’s amazing how much can change in 4 years… My parents made me wait until now before they would even think of letting me get anything but my ears pierced. Well, that’s not true, my mom said I could get my bellybutton pierced if she could too. That turned me off it, also a lot of girls in my school did them themselves, and some ended up in the hospital or with serious infections. 12 really is too young for that kind of thing.

  42. I want it done so bad my mom said wait until I’m 16 but that makes me reallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy mad because slot of girls at my school have it done and u only live once but it’s almost christmas so I think she might let me then

  43. Ughhh YALL CONFUSE MEEHH!!!.!!! Im 10 i want a pearcing sososos bad ….im gunna do it .. But i dont have a profecional neddle or anything like dat..i have regular neddles … So can some one give me tue correct steps.?? (,Dont judge)

  44. hello…so I am 12 turning 13 in september and I OBSESSED with piercings! I only have 5 but have had 6…I have my monroe (upper lip) doubles (but only 1 cause the other got embedded) singles and my cartalige and honestly if your daughter wants a piercing its her body and her choice youu can ALWAYS take piercings out or put retainers in them! luckily my parents are really cool about piercings and tattoos which is nice (by that way I have no tattoos I have to wait ill I am 15 or 16 so its legal):p but anyways I dont think I could survive without piercings, or hair dye, or makeup and no I am not emo or goth I am extremly girly! and also parents if your daughter wants a piercing that you dont like or you think is trashy and you say no all their gonna do is pierce it themselves to rebel against you! just saying..

  45. I’m 16 and honestly you’re all nothing until you’re 18. Your parents own you and your body until you are a legal adult. If your parents have the right to feed you, clothe you, put a roof over your head, pay your cell phone bill, (and at 12) pay for everything else you have ever touched, then it’s their decision whether you pierce yourself. Whether you wear skimpy clothing or not, belly button peircings are sexual, so are thongs, and so are a lot of things. Honestly, your ideas about being so young and doing that are immature. Be 12, no body peircings, tattoos, or make-up. You have your entire life to screw up and your parents don’t want to be responsible for that.

  46. let her get it im getting mine done in march and in 12 almost 13 !!!!

  47. Okay, I am 16 years old and I have my nose pierced, my cartilage, my first second and third holes for my ears, and my belly button. I got my ears and cartilage done when I was 12/13 and when I was 14 I got my belly button done. If you want to convince your parents, talk to them about responsibility and being mature. Tell them you will clean your room and make other compromises. And also, it’s not a tattoo, so it can go away if you take it out.

  48. to LOL: you’re just some ten year old idiot, not an adult. Honey, our spelling errors just make it a dead giveaway. So quit being fake and hut your damn mouth

  49. I’m 18, and I got mine done professionally. It is ALOT of work, especially in the first few months. It’s a disgusting process to heal, and takes 6-12 months. Not to mention it limits you during the summer(no swimming) to various activities. However, it’s really cute if you have a pretty stomach and once it’s healed you’ll love it. I regret it because to me it isn’t worth the scarring later and I had a lot trouble with it. Some days it would just swell up and be swollen and red. Because its close to your major organs you don’t want it infected. Which is very common. Make sure you really want it because the scar will be there forever. If youre responsible, go for it. It’s grown on me

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