Whitewater Rafting in the Grand Canyon — August 1-4, 2009 Canceled

Experience the thrill of careening down the rapids of the Colorado River with a group of other single parents. This trip is certainly not lacking for any excitement and includes all of your meals, all of your transportation during the trip is provided. We begin and end our trip in Las Vegas which usually has very reasonable airfares.

Your trip includes:

  • Flight from Las Vegas to the Bar Ten Ranch
  • Helicopter flight to the rim and down to the canyon
  • 3 days of rafting on the Colorado River
  • Jet Boat ride across Lake Meade
  • Motorcoach return to Las Vegas
  • All meals, lodging and camping equipment

We have held only 12 spots for this trip and are hoping to get two rafts of single parent families! Note to the “princess moms and dads”–while on the river, there will not be any hotels! It is camping–granted, it is not roughing it by any means. Western River will set up the camp daily for us and we will have private tents, bunks (no sleeping on the ground unless you want to sleep outside), a galley where they will cook the meals, and bathroom and shower facilities (not as bad as a porta potty, but not too bad–sun showers, etc).

For more details, please CLICK HERE to download the flyer with a complete itinerary and pricing!

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10 Responses to “Whitewater Rafting in the Grand Canyon — August 1-4, 2009 Canceled”

  1. this sounds great…cant wait for more details

  2. The full details have been posted.


  3. Hi John…
    Does this year’s white water rafting have any takers so far? I know last year it was not a go. I am interested in going with my son, Nathan. Right now I am out of the country and have no access to my day planner but when I get home, I will be sure to look at the dates.


  4. HI Alison–

    We just finalized this a few days ago and there have been three people interested but no one committed yet…but it is early and everyone needs to figure out the calendar and all that.

    This is a 9 and older trip.


  5. what’s the whitewater classification that this trip does?

  6. They range from 3 and 4 to a few that are 6.

  7. This sounds like fun, I would be interested and I’m sure my kiddo (he’ll be 11) will be too!

  8. I told John that I’m very interested in this trip and am committed to go. I hope we get a good turn out as I’ve already mentioned it to my 13 year old son.

  9. Hi John–

    I have done some traveling with Natural Habitat Adventures which I have enjoyed thoroughly. And they do have some family trips. But in your work, have you found any other such companies (I guess you can can call them environmental ecotours) that are single parent friendly that you might recommend. I am really interested in taking my son on an organized trip to the San Juan Islands (in the U.S. and famous for it’s orcas) or the beluga whales. Also, does my son have to have his passport now to travel abroad or is there still some leeway. I know he has to have one. My son is ten by the way.


  10. Pull over on the south side of the canyon to begin a moderate hike to Travertine Falls. Return to the river where the water disappears from the horizon below the towering canyon walls, dropping into a ”Caldera,” a boulder-choked chute of solid whitewater!